Fire and Smoke Remediation

September 01,2020

Fires can have devastating effects, especially on your home or business. Even after the fire has been put out, your property is likely to have suffered from smoke.

For effective cleanup and restoration of the building to its pre-fire state, look for a company that specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration. Ensure that you get a fast response since delays can prove to be very costly.

Make certain that your property does not remain covered in ash, soot, or remain waterlogged to prevent further damage from occurring. In some cases, stains may form, mold or mildew may occur, and thus the components begin to deteriorate. The restoration team should decontaminate the whole site to reveal every damage.

Fire damage is not usually the same. A systematic fire and smoke restoration process should include the following:

1. Preventive Measures

After identifying the type of fire, evaluate the areas that are affected and which require treatment. Seal off the area containing residue and ash from other properties. 

2. Water Remediation (If Necessary)

Since water is mainly used to extinguish a fire, it results in a significant accumulation of water all over the area. You may use state-of-the-art extraction equipment, dehumidifiers, and blowers from Alorair to quickly dry the area. Afterward, evaluate the sensitive materials that might have been damaged by smoke and soot particles and which need restoration.

3. Retrieve and Disposal

Remove all furniture, building material, rugs, and clothing, and other immediate items, to mitigate the damage. These items can only be restored to its original state if the cost for restoration is much cheaper than its replacement. Also work with your insurance provider, if any, to ensure that you claim compensation for the unsalvageable items.

4. Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning is a comprehensive process that includes disinfecting, deodorizing, and dusting the walls, carpets, furniture, ceilings, cabinetry, drapes, and other surfaces. The dusting process involves eliminating the pungent smoke odor and deep-cleaning soot from carpet and upholstery furniture. 

Also, remove charred items that may seal in the smoke, including the burned wood and insulation. Treat and seal off the affected areas to prevent odors from leaking into the house. Similarly, you can choose to perform structural restoration after inspecting the framings and subfloors of the house for safety. Your restoration company should help you restore your regular life by returning everything to their pre-loss condition and location.

Why Choose Professionals for Your Fire and Smoke Remediation?

A professional fire damage restoration company retains years of experience in fire and smoke damage remediation. Trained staff should be equipped with up-to-the-minute tools, expertise, dedication, and supplies necessary for a perfect remediation job. Also, specialists have dedicated cleaning techniques that ensure the restoration of products to their original states. With a ‘restore’ against ‘replace’ mentality, a focused company ensures that you save your money only for items that cannot be salvaged. 

Besides, most accredited companies are punctual and respond faster to any disaster of all degrees. Alorair staff responds immediately to any alert on water or fire damage events. A swift response alleviates the damage and reduces the chances of further damage from occurring thus helps you to cut down on overall cost.