Fire Damage – Common Causes

June 16,2020

There are many causes of fire outbreaks. Many of these causes are human error slips that you could avoid if you carefully read this posting. At home, it is easy for the house to catch fire as a result of misusing appliances, heating equipment, and even electronic devices. It has also been established that smoking in the bedroom is a dangerous habit. In some geographical regions, the sheer rise in temperature levels encourages fires because the heat sets an ideal surrounding for fires to erupt. Even within the natural challenges to preventing fires, there is still a lot you can do to prevent fires from breaking out persistently and spontaneously. Alorair is experienced in handling fire damage restoration. We have identified several aspects that predispose your space to fire outbreaks. The list is not exhaustive but there are many aspects you will find helpful in your effort to save life and property from fire damage effects.

Cooking Appliances: Pans, pots, and pans are widely known to trigger fires when they are misused.  It would be a life-saving idea to make sure that whenever you leave your cooking, even for a brief moment, you must make sure that you leave someone in charge.

Heating: Make sure that portable heating devices and appliances are always kept a safe distance from materials and items that can easily catch fire. Some of the items that commonly cause fires but are equally commonly overlooked include curtains, clothes, and laundry. It is recommended that you have your furnace checked at least once every year to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Smoking in the bedroom: It has been observed that smoking in the bedroom often causes fires in homes. Avoid allowing your battery to get into contact with flames; it could accidentally burst into flames. Interestingly, fires that start in the bedroom constitute up to 73% of fire incidents in houses across the US annually.

Electrical Devices: Appliances such as toasters or even microwave sets can trigger fires if they are faulty. Look out for frayed cords and loose wires on these devices. Another aspect that you should carefully look out for is the load on the PowerPoint. If it is overloaded, it could easily cause sparks that lead to fires.  Always check and recheck your power points again to avoid overloading.

Candles: These look good, but if they are not attended they are a common cause of fire disasters.  It is advisable to always keep candles away from flammable materials such as paper and tissue paper. One of the easiest things to do that could save your space from blowing into a fire is, simply, blow the candle out before you leave the room. In Perth, many house fires have erupted as a result of poor handling of candles.

The curiosity of Children: By nature children are curious. A child can light a fire, to, simply see what happens.  To be on the safe side, it is important to make sure that all matches are kept away from the reach of children. It would also be highly helpful to install a smoke alarm in your children’s room.