Fire Damage Restoration

July 20,2020

Although it is not possible to prepare for fire devastation, it is possible to plan for how you can recover fast and return to normalcy. It is also possible to minimize the loss caused by fire through adequate emergency response and restoration plans. If you are just about to embark on a fire damage restoration, here are some important points you need to pay attention to.

React Fast

One of the most effective ways of minimizing the effects of fire damage is to react quickly to the effects of fire damage. You must react so fast so that you prevent any further losses that could occur in the aftermath of a fire. Smoke damage often adds to the damage of an actual fire. You must, first, establish the damage extent and secure any items that were not damaged by the fire.

The Assessment Process

Check your home or office premises and determine how much fire and smoke damaged your property. Establish how deep the smoke penetrated the home structure. Check the amount of soot and smoke that covered the various surfaces. Also, check if the furniture and walls in your home show signs of heat damage? It is at this stage that you need a professional to assess you. Get in touch with a fire damage restoration company to do your restoration. Companies such as Alorair have their professional assessment personnel in-house and can assess you and advise, on appropriate measures. They should conduct a comprehensive assessment and document their findings. These records are critical for insurance. Remove all furniture that was damaged by the fire and place it separately. Smoke lives on after the fire and can embed in materials if they are left close to the scene of the fire. Air your furniture as soon as an opportunity arises.

Only engage Experts

The importance of engaging experts in your fire restoration and cleanup dealings cannot be overemphasized. In brief, hiring experts will save you time and money. Before you engage a fire restoration company, conduct your research properly. Do the necessary background checks and talk to your insurance company to recommend some to you. Beware, there are many organizations, out there, preying on victims of a fire disaster. You have probably heard of fire chasers. Yes, it is a fraudulent group you won't want anywhere near you when in such a situation. Just, do not rush into signing contracts, in the name of the urgency.

Secure the Foundation

The first steps to take in the aftermath of fire involve preventing any further damage from occurring on your structures. Do an inspection and fix any holes and singes on your floors and walls as soon as possible. If you do not move fast to seal such cracks and openings or weak areas, water is likely to penetrate your structure and weaken it further. Do not rely on eye inspection. Contract a professional assessor. You do not want your premises to be damaged when the rain comes.

Removal and Cleanup

Remove any soot that attaches to your walls, furniture, and other surfaces as soon as the fire is put out. Remember, it is not an easy task to accomplish without a professional hand. Alorair has a pool of professional fire damage restoration experts you could use to restore your place after a fire. If your home also needs water damage restoration, most fire damage restoration companies provide water damage restoration. They will pump the flooding water out and help dry up the place with special equipment.