How to Dry Carpet After Soaking or Cleaning

January 28,2021

Is there a major leak in your house? Will the carpet be a bit damp? Either way, fast drying is essential. Moistening the carpet can cause mildew and mildew, putting the health of you and your family at risk.

How to successfully dry the carpet depends on the climate and humidity. do not worry. We are here to help you and show you some different drying methods.

How long does it take to dry the carpet?

After a professional cleaning, you can expect the carpet to feel damp for at least 6 to 10 hours. However, depending on the time of year and humidity, some carpets may feel damp for up to 24 hours.

If your house is flooded or has a lot of leaks, it will take longer to dry. Although all methods are used to dry the carpet, it may still take more than a day.

Why dry the carpet?

After cleaning, soaking, or leaking, it is important to dry the carpet properly. Otherwise, the small space between the carpet mat and the floor will form a dark and damp area where mold may form.

Mold is a fungal infection that can quickly damage the surface on which it grows. It is usually not visible. The padding of the carpet is similar to a sponge, absorbing possible moisture. When mold begins to grow, it will quickly produce poor indoor air quality, which can lead to respiratory diseases such as asthma. In the worst case, mold can cause infection and serious illness.

How to dry the carpet after cleaning

There are many ways to dry the carpet after cleaning. It depends on the length of time you expect. You can take the following measures to help the carpet dry out.

Create airflow

The best way to help the carpet dry is to create a good airflow in the room. If your carpets are in a room with windows, open them and let fresh air do all the work. This is also a great way to avoid the musty and damp smell of certain carpets in closed rooms.

If you have two windows facing each other, open one window completely, and then open a little more. This will create strong crosswinds and help your carpet dry faster.

However, although this method is good, it largely depends on the weather. In terms of drying carpets, rainy days will not be of many benefits. On the contrary, this kind of weather may create a more humid environment. Therefore, in this case, please close the window and try the other methods listed below.

Use a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is convenient when drying the carpet. If your carpet is located directly under the ceiling fan, it can work very efficiently. It will dry the carpet quickly. This is also an excellent way to avoid a musty smell because it circulates the air well.


If you don't have a ceiling fan, you can use a blower or air mover. This method is usually very fast, which is an excellent way to quickly start the drying process. Alorair Zeus 900 Air Mover is the most suitable equipment for the carpet drying process. The tool is very efficient and can dry the carpet faster so that bacteria and mold have no chance to grow. It has 5 drying positions to maximize flexibility.

Use a dehumidifier

How to use a dehumidifier to dry the carpet? A dehumidifier is used to remove moisture from the air. It absorbs the humid air and converts the moisture in the air into condensed water. It has an outlet to draw moist air and an outlet to discharge dry air.

When the dry air is exhausted, the air becomes dry and more water will evaporate from the carpet. This process is repeated until there is no more moisture in the air. So you can use a dehumidifier to dry the carpet. When drying the carpet, place the dehumidifier in the center of the room to ensure that there is enough space around for air circulation, which will help the dehumidifier to work more effectively. The dehumidifier works best in a closed room.

The Alorair Storm pro dehumidifier is a portable device. Its unique design can remove moisture from the air in a closed space, and can dry soaked carpets and any other water-soaked items. Remove the moisture easily. It is recommended that you use this dehumidifier to dry your carpets, so you never have to worry about the unreliable winter sun!