How to Eliminate The Smoke Damage Caused by Kitchen Fires

December 17,2020

The kitchen is an indispensable part of daily life for every family, but because it is a working place where fire and electricity are concentrated, the kitchen is often a high incidence of domestic fires.

Because of the particularity of the place, the kitchen environment is generally relatively humid. Kitchen operations deal with coal and gas fires all year round. Under such conditions, uneven combustion products produced during the fuel combustion process and oil fume produced by the evaporation of oil and gas are easy to accumulate. Over time, a certain thickness of combustible oil and powder layers will form on the kitchen walls, flues, and the surface of the range hood. If it is cleaned frequently, it may cause oily smoke and fire.

At the same time, there are many kinds of electrical appliances used in the kitchen. Overload power consumption sometimes exists in some households, especially some high-power electrical appliances. During use, the excessive current may cause plugs, wiring, etc. Heat may cause a fire.

After a fire occurs, a large amount of harmful smoke will be produced, and extinguishing the fire is a difficult task. After the fire is extinguished, removing the smoke damage is another arduous task that requires a lot of patience and effort.


1. Safety first

In each case of fire damage removal, the first consideration is safety. Rehabilitation experts will take measures to ensure the safety of all workers and other personnel entering the building after the fire. Before evaluation and repair, it is important to ensure structural safety.

Besides, please remember that after a big fire, smoke and smoke will float in the indoor air. These are harmful particles. Ventilation is the key to bringing pollutants outside.


2. Assess damaged items

The next step is to determine which items should be cleaned and where and which items to discard. Cost and antique value are key considerations. Professionals will assess the affected items as soon as possible, as soot may cause further damage within hours or days, depending on the material.

In many cases, items are not directly damaged by the fire, and excessive heat should not be discarded. Fortunately, Alorair knows how to remove soot damage from recyclable items. If your kitchen interior suffers only minor smoke damage, you can save it and restore it to its original good condition.

Most textiles, such as curtains and bedding, will be taken to the laundry or dry cleaners. Other recoverable items (such as furniture) can be washed at home or sent outside.

Food must be handled carefully. Any outstanding items should be discarded. Items in the original packaging that are not opened and kept away from heat sources can be considered safe. If you have any questions, please throw these items away.

Remember that plastic items that have melted or changed color cannot be repaired, they can only be washed.


3. Create a checklist

If you need to "pack" (bring items to a cleaning facility), please carefully record the items taken, the location of the items, and the condition of the items after they have been taken out. In other cases, determine conditions that allow the cleaning and storage of items in the house or garage. When making an insurance claim, the inventory of all discarded items is critical to obtaining compensation.


4. Clean the affected items

Let restoration experts conduct tests to determine the appropriate product and mixing ratio for each product. Today's restoration experts will use environmentally friendly products in all cleaning and restoration processes. This is an important consideration when choosing a repair company.

Then, they began to remove soot from every recoverable item at home or elsewhere. The cleaning method depends on the items, such as furniture, kitchen utensils, tableware, toys, clothing, bedding, curtains, etc.


5. Remove odor

Odor problems are accompanied by smoke/soot damage. After the cleaning process, most of the smoke smell will be eliminated. However, if there is still a small amount of odor, using an Alorair air scrubber will help remove any odor in the air.

An Alorair Clean shield HEPA 550 air scrubber was installed in the room where the affected furniture is located. The air scrubber can work for several hours (depending on the degree of damage and the type of smoke chemicals present). During this time, the three-stage filter can filter smoke and VOC well, and there will be no smoke smell on the furniture.

When the contents of the house are damaged by smoke/ash, it is the job of repair professionals to reduce the fire loss, clean and restore the contents to the state before the loss. Alorair technicians know how to remove smoke damage from the contents professionally. When you call us, we will use the most advanced equipment and technology to mitigate losses and restore your property.