Mold Cleanup and Remediation

March 04,2021

Disasters are inevitable and will always strike when they are least expected. When they strike, they can leave a trail of damages and make the home inhabitable. Luckily, cleanups and remediation can restore the home to the state before the disaster struck.

Old cleanup can be carried out after a disaster to rid the home from molds and other excess water that results from a storm. Items such as bleach and dish detergent could be the best product when cleaning the home after the damage. They can be relied on to clean the home after the storm and render it molds free. Here is how you can carry out the cleanup.

Remove the mud and dirt.

After water damage, your home is likely to be covered with mud, debris, and dirt. Such items need to be removed before the home is dried once more. If the home has suffered from moderate mold damage, adhere to the following steps during the cleanup.

  • Remove any damaged water items and dig out any dirt or mud that may have accumulated.
  • Use a vacuum to remove any dirt that remains.
  • Use soap, a bristle brush, and water to scrub the wood or tile surfaces.
  • Clean the hard surfaces such as countertops, metal furniture, wood, mold, and sinks with dishwater and detergent.
  • Make use of a bleach solution consisting of about 8 ounces and mix in one gallon of water to kill molds that may linger on surfaces.   

Dry the surface thoroughly once you finish cleaning and use an Alorair air scrubber to purify the air in the room and remove odor. You may use cleaning products and gloves when cleaning and removing molds from corners.  Wearing protective gear and N-95 respirators could protect you from mold spores during the cleaning. Also, ensure that you open all the windows when using the cleaning products. Note that some of the cleaning agents can harm your children, so check and ensure that they are safe.


Mold cleaning is a tedious and dangerous exercise. So you will need to take action to protect yourself from the adverse effect of the chemicals you will use in the cleaning exercise. Here are some of the basic things you will need to do.

  • Open all the doors and windows if you will be using cleaning products.
  • Do not mix bleach with ammonia.
  • Do not involve children in the cleaning exercise.
  • The home heating and air-conditioning systems should be checked and cleaned before they can be turned on.
  • You may call an expert to check your system if it was flooded with water. It helps to reduce the chances of allowing the mold to spread throughout the home.  

Once you are through with the mold cleanup and remediation exercise, you will need to install an Alorair dehumidifier in the basement or in one of the rooms to remove indoor humidity. It ensures that humidity levels are maintained, and molds don’t get a chance to thrive. It protects members of your family from ailments caused by molds.