Why We Are Ranked High

Our Marketing Activities in the U.S.

Shipping directly from West or East Coast Company

Alorair manufactures and sells directly to the customers to ensure that they provide value to them. They pride the industry-leading features and outstanding customer support. To be able to ship directly to its customers, the company has established subsidiaries in overseas countries where it has warehouses that help to deliver consignment conveniently to the consignee. In such countries, you do not need to worry about the extra cost since the company has organized itself and put strategies in place to help it meet all the cost incurred. Costs such as the land carriage, freight, and clearance fees are all paid by Alorair. It means that the distributors and dealer do not have to incur extra charges. They only pay for the cost of the products they order. So if you are looking forward to becoming a reseller, authorized service center or a distributor anywhere in the world, contact us so that we supply you with more information on how you can become our product distributor. We shall also let you know the great deals you can enjoy.

5-Year Warranty on Our New Products.

Since we are leading in quality and offer exceptional after sales service, you get an opportunity to enjoy high quality service from all our equipment. The equipment will not just last but will serve you for long and still maintain their top shape and look. You are not only guaranteed of our 5-year warranty but also 100% satisfaction. You will also enjoy great after-sales-service from our teams found in different countries. If the equipment fails within the warranty period and it cannot be fixed, we will pick it and ship a new one to you. You will still enjoy the same 5-year warranty on the new equipment which will start running on the date of replacement.

Learn How to Use It at Our Video Centre

Other than selling to you the Allorair restoration equipment, we shall also offer you lessons on how the equipment can be used. With this, you will be assured that Alorair is not only bringing the quality product at your doorstep but it is also committed to showing you how to use the products. You will also get prompt technical support and you can rely on the company’s product and services.

Great Support and Marketing Network

Alorair has set up an online platform to help promote the company’s products. It is also meant to help it expand its sales channels. If you become our distributor, you will be entitled to use online resources to help you expand fast. The online resources include our official website, Youtube, Google AdWords, B2C online shops and SNS. Any distributor that reaches a defined sales target at the end of the first year will have the exclusive right to being the local distributor of our products for online sales. Agreements will be signed to this effect. It means that online orders placed on our B2C platforms in that region will be delivered by our distributor and the profit will be shared with the distributor in question for arranging the delivery of the goods and offering after-sales service.

Private Labels and Customization

This strategy allows us to build and customize machines based on the client’s needs. We give products private brand, different colors, and a new outlook depending on the need. So if you plan is to manufacture any of the equipment we deal in: Air Scrubber, Air Mover and Dehumidifier, all you need to do is to talk to the AlorAir solutions to enable us offer you customization services. If you want to have it privately labeled or customized to your specific needs, all you need to do at the moment is to contact us.

SLGR Technology

At Alorair, we utilize the SLGR microchannel technology which uses an air-to-air heat exchanger system to bring air closer to dew point before passing it to the already cold evaporator coils. Besides that, we also combine it with microchannel Alu Condenser so as to maximize on efficiency and capacity by between 30- 50 %. It results in more condensation on the coils and allows for faster heat exchange that makes more moisture to be pumped out. After this, the less moisture air is then returned to the surrounding room. It makes the ALORAIR SLGR dehumidifier ideal for low grain refrigeration conditions.

Water Proof Circuit board

Most of the Alorair products are designed with a waterproof PCB cover for its circuit. It means that you can immerse the unit in water but it will not be affected because it has a rubber strip that seals the board 100%. This is a great feature especially when you experience flooding and so it can be deployed for cleaning and water removal tasks or any other use where it is likely to come in contact with water. Watch the video for more information

Hot Gas valve Defrosting System

Alorair uses HGV, which is an efficient Defrosting process that allows the dehumidifier to work even at low temperatures of about 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes the unit efficient and is able to work continuously without worrying about periodic stopping during the defrosting process. It helps to save a lot of energy and makes the unit to last longer.

High COP Designed To Save Energy

The coils we use to makeAlorAir dehumidifiers are relatively large than coils found in the conventional dehumidifier. In addition, these coils come with a fin designed to include unique features which you cannot get on those cheaper dehumidifiers you see on the market. This oversized coil and the heat exchanger has the ability to remove 2-3 times more moisture per kilowatt than any other conventional dehumidifier. AlorAir’s dehumidifiers are highly efficient and will help you save close to about $250 per year on energy and will serve you for 10+ years. Also, they come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Bypass air Design

Alorair boasts of a humidity sensor bypass air design that eliminates short-cycling that gives the dehumidifiers false start signals. In most of the sealed dehumidifiers that are used in basement and crawlspace, when the set humidity point is satisfied the dehumidifier stops because of the signals. However, the humidity sensor gets affected by the wet resources or the heat in the internal parts including the evaporator and the compressor. It makes the dehumidifier to be turned on and off repeatedly. When this happens it makes the dehumidifier to die.

Epoxy Powder Coating on Coils

This is done to help avoid Freon Leakage which is a fatal flaw for the dehumidifier. Instead, Alorair has introduced the epoxy coated coils to help to extend the life of the coils. It provides protection against corrosion and maintain the coins heat transferability. In addition, the rotary compressor ensures optimum effectiveness at a reduced cost.

Heavy Duty Condensation Pumps

Pumps will always have serious issues ranging from rusting, detection failure, and overheating. The good thing is that we have a group of highly trained engineers who have developed a pump that is reliable with a lifting distance of 20’’. The pump gives the user freedom to drain anywhere and comes with cables that give you quick connect plugs. It makes installing and maintaining the pump fast and easy.

Quick Access to the Dehumidifier’s Internal Parts

AlorAir dehumidifier allows you to quickly access its internal components. For instance, the Sentinel Series is equipped with an access panel while Storm Series comes with a clamshell cover. This pump has a quick connect cable that allows you to easily remove the cable without accessing the pumps motherboard.

Unbeatable Main Board Performance

We are all aware that the performance of a dehumidifier is affected by the main board. AlorAir circuit boards are normally coated to protect them and make them resistant to magnetization. They are also tampering proof. The performance of the board has been tested and found to be 100% effective. For more details, feel free to contact us at: E-mail:sales@alorair.com