ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Removal 120PPD (Saturation), 55 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier, 5 Years Warranty, Auto Defrosting, cETL, Optional Remote Monitoring

Model : Sentinel HD55

4.9 Average

$747.11 List Price: $1,200.00

Sentinel HD55 is the star in a line of  AlorAir dehumidifiers for crawl spaces and basements. With an updated compact design and smaller size, this unit can be installed very easily in a low clearance crawl space or tight basement. But please don't be fooled by its appearance, it can remove 120 Pints at saturation(55 PPD at AHAM)

Highlight: 5 Years Warranty/ MERV-8 Filter/ Automatic Defrost/ ETL certified/ Optional Remote Control


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Product Overview


Moisture remains the greatest threat to your home’s structural integrity. Increased humidity levels indoors can cause the growth of mold and mildew and an increase in dust mites. These are known allergens that cause respiratory problems and asthma. This is why need to invest in a dehumidifier today.

Key features

· Ultra-compact design with super performance
· Adjustable foot pad and portable handle to transport and install easily
· MERV-8 filter to protects internal components from damage from dust and other particles
· Rare earth alloy tube evaporator to avoid freon leakage and prolong the service life of the coil
· Auto defrost technology to allow operation at low temperature (36 degrees Fahrenheit)
· cETL Certified to withstand more rugged conditions 
· Precise humidity maintenance to automatically maintains your ideal humidity level from 36% to 90% 
· Auto restart to remember the settings in case of power failure
· Automatic diagnosis system to get troubleshooting tips through error codes
· Gravity drainage for no need to check the tank regularly
· Auto Restart to automatically restart to previous settings after a power outage
· Easy to use graphical control panel
· Optional remote control for remote sensing and control areas
· Hanging kits to reduce noise and vibration

Warranty – The Sentinel HD55 has an extended 5 years warranty. At Alorair we ensure that all out Sentinel HD55 units are built to meet the highest levels of quality and durability. Every unit is thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% functional before leaving the warehouse.
Support - All our customers enjoy efficient support, thanks to your technical support team via phone, email, or via live support. This ensures that all our customers receive the help they need whenever they encounter any challenges while operating the Sentinel HD55.

Power 115 V/60HZ
Current(115v/60Hz) 4.1 A
COP(115v/60Hz) 2.4 L/Kwh
Size For Up to 1,300 sq.ft.
Filter MERV-8 Filter
Air flow 130 CFM,230 CMH
Sound Pressure Level <52 dBA
Refrigerant R410A
Draining Gravity Draining
Defrosting Control system Automatic Defrosting
Functioning perature Range 33.8-104℉
Functioning Humidity Range 36%-90%
Capacity115V(80ºF-60%)) 55 Pints
Weight 57.3Ibs (26 kg)
Dim(L x W x H) Dim(L x W x H)
Shipping Dim (L x W x H) 22.3x16.6x16.4 inch
Loading quantity "20”:260Sets 40”:565Sets 40”HQ :678Sets"

How to use Sentinel HD55 Dehumidifier

If you want to optimize the efficiency of the sentinel HD 55 Dehumidifier, you need to do the following:

· Place the dehumidifier on a dry level surface. Avoid putting it on a vapor barrier such as a damp basement.
· Consult the manual when installing the unit
· When you want to switch the unit on or off, make use of the remote control.
· Avoid using the power switch to switch it off.
· Use the arrow keys to set your desired humidity level. Choose anything between 50- 55%.
· Even after the unit has been switched off via the remote control, ensure that you allow the fan to continue running until it stops. It helps to remove the dissipated heat.
· The unit drains itself automatically as it operates. However, if you are planning to keep it in-store, you must give an allowance of at least 10 minutes so that it can defrost. You should lean the drain a little bit to ensure that the unit drains completely.  

When you want to store the unit, the following must be observed.

· Turn off the dehumidifier and allow it to dry
· The power code should be wrapped and secured
· The filter mesh should be protected by covering it
· Ensure the unit is stored in a clean dry place

Where It Can Be Used Application

The unit finds a lot of applications in warehouses, basement, crawl spaces, and even offices. It is also used in shops, storage areas, apartments, and factories. Other places where the unit is likely to be used are in bars and restaurants and museums. It is also widely used in computer rooms to reduce dampness or dust. Sentinel HD 55 is an energy-efficient product that is, CE, ETL.

It is a whole-house dehumidifier that can be relied on to solve damage to any building. If a building suffers from dampness, Sentinel HD55 can be deployed to provide a solution to the humidity problem. The dehumidifier comes with a filter that makes installing it much easier.  The fact that it features optional duct mounting flanges reduces the time it takes to have it installed.

How the Unit Operates

You will select the relative humidity you want. It uses the integral humidistat to monitor the space and conditions. When the humidity level rises beyond the set levels, the unit energizes. When this happens, it draws air across the evaporator coils. Typically, the coils will be cooler than the dew point of the air. Moisture will then condense out of the air.  The remaining air will then be reheated and distributed into the condenser coil. It will then be redistributed in the house.

Installing The Unit

Ensure that you use vapor barriers to seal off the areas that you want to control its humidity levels. If it is the crawl spaces, check and ensure that all the vents are sealed.

Also, ensure that the environment in which you want to install the dehumidifier is not corrosive. Notice that we have some liquid barriers that dry through solvent evaporation. So it is your mandate to ensure that the barrier is dry and that the area is sealed.

Before using the dehumidifier, check and ensure that it is placed on a level surface.  Avoid placing it to a vapor barrier.

Set the desired humidity level using the up and down button.  Choose the most comfortable level for you. It should range from 35-90%. Once you set your point, the machine will stop dehumidifying as long as the setpoint has been reached. When indoor humidity rises above the set level, the machine automatically starts operating.

You can choose to set the machine into continuous mode. This can be done by using the up and down arrow. Check and ensure you see the continuous button illuminate green. It indicates that the unit has been switched to a continuous mode. You will see CO on the display screen.

Cleaning the unit

To optimize the use of the dehumidifier, it is necessary that you clean its body.  You need is a soft piece of cloth to do this. Soak it in water without soap or solvent and use it to wipe the dehumidifier. Also, you may unplug and clean the filter by washing it with soap-less water. Alternatively, you may choose to vacuum the unit.  Just try to ensure that it dries before reinstalling it.  Notice that the coil must also be cleaned once in a year. You may use an approved coil cleaner to do this job.


· Before powering the sentinel dehumidifier, ensure that it is connected using a grounded electrical connection.
· When you choose to have the unit repaired or maintained, ensure that you get a competent technician.
· If you choose to move the dehumidifier to another place, unplug it from the power supply.
· If the unit gets flooded with water, it is recommended that you open it so that it can dry before attempting to reconnect it.
· Don't position the discharge and the inlet onto the wall. Ensure that the inlet has a 12'' space clearance while the discharge should have a 36'' clearance.
· If the unit is close to a wall, ensure that the inlet is parallel to the wall while the discharge should face away from the wall.
· If you choose to clean the unit, ensure that it is unplugged from the power source.
· Don't use the machine as a support when you want to reach items that are high.

Why the need for a dehumidifier?
Huge costs are incurred every year through inflated building maintenance costs and damaged inventory as a result of dampness. ALORAIR dehumidifiers are effective solutions to environmental control problems. Excess humidity in your premises results in corrosion, mold growth, and condensation. By installing an ALORAIR dehumidifier controlled humidity conditions can be maintained to provide protection in larger commercial areas and buildings.

Reviews & Queations

98% of customers recommend this item

104 Ratings
4.9 Average
5 Stars
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Excellent dehumidifier
By 'Maddox Booker', Reviewed on 2020-11-02 10:13:15
The first dehumidifier I own. The operation is very simple. It can remove moisture in my basement and prevent moisture from accumulating on the walls. I like that they come with a drain hose so I can drain the equipment directly to the drain. In short, it is an awesome unit. Easy to move and quiet. It is strongly recommended to use in humid places.
Lightweight and quiet
By 'Jonah Wang', Reviewed on 2020-10-26 10:31:25
I have a three-room apartment. This dehumidifier is very suitable for the size of our house. It can quickly remove moisture. I can see it because it is quiet enough to stay in the room. The product is lightweight and easy to move, I like it. This is my best gift to myself!
It works well. very happy
By 'Ethel East', Reviewed on 2020-10-19 10:00:19
In fact, this is our second. The first one had an accident during transportation and we had to replace it. We started it as soon as we received this device. We like to use a hose and drain it directly into the drain by gravity drainage. They have been running since I started them. They keep things comfortable and the moisture does not drop. They are working at maximum capacity.
Easy to use, get the job done!
By 'Cohen Knox', Reviewed on 2020-10-12 08:50:18
I bought this dehumidifier for my basement, and it is humid all year round, especially in the warm season. I like to set the humidity level to 45. I compared it with some other devices and it seems that its size is slightly smaller. It looks great and adds a modern touch to the room. What I appreciate most is that it is easy to operate. It only has a few buttons, I only set it once, and it has been running for me for several weeks without any adjustments. It is very simple and recommended for homeowners!
Keep my basement dry
By 'Marwa Stevenson', Reviewed on 2020-10-05 08:52:45
Dehumidify the air immediately on the first day the product arrives. My basement smells so much better! I poured 55 pints of water the next day. The machine itself is not as loud as other dehumidifiers I have heard, but it does make some noises, but if you are in a room, you cannot hear it from below. So far, everything is very good! This is a high-quality product and definitely worth the money.
Just what we need!  
By 'Pooja Beltran', Reviewed on 2020-09-28 08:45:22
Great product, I thought our house was dry until my wife bought this dehumidifier. Put it in any room and you will see water draining from the hose, effectively eliminating the moisture in the air without generating annoying noise. like it!
Perfect for our 1000 square foot house
By 'Aiza Porter', Reviewed on 2020-09-21 13:09:49
I like the appearance and quietness of the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier. My husband uses a hose to drain the water it collects into our underground drain. We are surprised by the moisture drawn from the air. The whole house looks more comfortable, love it!
Working well
By 'Alton Klein', Reviewed on 2020-09-14 11:15:18
My last dehumidifier worked for about a year and then it started to freeze. I like the lightness and compactness of this unit and saw that it has the function of normal operation at low temperatures, so I decided to give it a try. For the past 5 days, it has been working non-stop and reducing the humidity to the level I want. Will not freeze at low temperatures, it has a hot gas valve defrosting system to ensure continuous operation.
Quiet dehumidifier, very effective
By 'Rick Cartwright', Reviewed on 2020-09-07 11:17:57
Compared to other dehumidifiers I have owned for years, it seems relatively quiet. The packaging is very good and the installation process is very fast. We use it in a moldy basement of about 1,000 square feet. In less than a week, a lot of water was evacuated from the air, and when I went downstairs, the basement felt very dry. I no longer smell any smell. Overall, we are very satisfied with the purchase.
Ideal for homes and basements
By 'Lucy Currie', Reviewed on 2020-09-01 11:27:29
This machine is really easy to use, and my family loves it. The Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is specially designed for low-temperature operation and airflow problems. It is suitable for my basement. We have a monitor which always shows that our indoor humidity is between 65-75%. In the past, we had to rely on moisture absorbents to prevent items from becoming moldy. After running for a period of time, the humidity monitor in our house has shown that the humidity level is dropping. This unit works well, maybe I will also buy an air purifier for my basement. Alorair is trustworthy.


I live in southern Florida, but my house seems very humid. Can I place it where my air conditioning unit can take in air?

Alaina on 2020-09-15 15:12:50

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, make sure the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is placed on a dry horizontal surface and avoid placing it on a wet surface. Besides, do not place the discharge port and entrance on the wall, make sure the entrance is parallel to the wall, and the discharge port should face away from the wall. Thanks for your question!
I want to place this device close to the wall, how should I place it?

Ashley on 2020-09-08 10:03:12

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
If the device is close to a wall, make sure that the entrance is parallel to the wall and the drain should face away from the wall.
How much current does the device consume?

Bibi on 2020-09-02 09:24:00

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier consumes 4.1A in a 115V/60 Hz circuit. Thanks for your question!
What is the weight of Sentinel HD55?

Evelina on 2020-08-25 13:34:46

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the weight of the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is 57Ibs. Thanks for your question!
What kind of filter does HD55 use?

Courtnie on 2020-08-18 14:12:26

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is equipped with a MERV-8 filter. Thanks for your question!
What certifications have Sentinel HD55 passed?

Jareth on 2020-08-05 08:24:31

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier has CE, ETL, Energy Star certification. Thanks for your question!
Does the machine have a drainage pump or only gravity drainage?

Sultan on 2020-07-28 16:29:37

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier does not have a pump, it drains water by gravity. Thanks for your question!
Where can I get the user manual?

Helen on 2020-07-22 08:00:51

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier comes with a detailed user manual. Thanks for your question!
The square foot of my house is 1,200 square feet. The whole house grows in my basement. Can Sentinel HD55 work in this range?

Jolie on 2020-07-16 11:53:26

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the dehumidification range of the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is up to 1,300 square feet. This fits the size of your house very well. Thanks for your question!
Do I need a dedicated technician to install Sentinel HD55?

Lowri on 2020-07-07 13:22:08

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Hello, the Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is easy to operate and install, you can install it yourself without a technician. Thanks for your question!

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