How to improve indoor air quality during the COVID-19

AlorAir Team | July 21, 2021

Did you know that the air quality in your home can affect your respiratory health? Excess dust and pet dandruff can reduce indoor air quality. Meanwhile, scented candles and some holiday decorations contain toxic gases and chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions. With the 2019 coronavirus outbreak, people have more opportunities to stay indoors. Experts …

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What You Need to Know about Air Quality in Airplanes

AlorAir Team | July 5, 2021

“Sick Building Syndrome” is causing large numbers of people to suffer from respiratory problems, and few know that where they work could turn their lives into disasters. The problem with air quality on airplanes is the pollution that is produced in the cabin. So, without an air filtration system, passengers may inhale or swallow these …

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How to Help Children Safely Return to School During COVID-19

AlorAir Team | September 7, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives of parents and children are struggling. Going back to school is an important and exciting thing, but you and your child may have many questions. Here is how to support your child’s coping styles. When and how does the school resume classes? The number of children returning to school …

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Odor Control

AlorAir Team | June 22, 2020

Have you ever wondered why that foul smell still lingers around your home despite using all the air fresheners you can think of? Wonder no more, for our capes are up are we are here to tell you that your problems can be solved. Odor control has been likened to a three-headed hydra that refuses …

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Fire Damage Once the Smoke Clears

AlorAir Team | May 13, 2020

Fire, the public enemy number one, when it comes to the destruction of lives and property. There is so much agitation associated with fire destruction and homeowners are no exception. Most families and business owners who experienced fire damage are usually anxious to start again, and various questions begin to rise like what to do …

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About Smoke Damage

AlorAir Team | April 24, 2020

Fire and flame are words that strike fear and cause grief in the hearts of any property owner. Fire is a visible effect of the process of combustion, a force of destruction. It is paramount that we need to protect ourselves and properties from it, but have you protected yourself from what comes with it, …

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Things to Consider When Buying Air Scrubber for Restoration

AlorAir Team | April 8, 2020

Have you ever realized that your indoor air is much more polluted than outside? The polluted and impure air quality inside your home is the major cause of health ailments, allergies, respiratory diseases, and many more. All these factors have made an air scrubber a necessity for every home. Although it is essential to keep …

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The Value of Air Scrubbers in Restoration Work

AlorAir Team | April 6, 2020

Air Scrubbers also called negative air scrubbers or negative air machine is a portable filtration system that is used to clean and deodorize the area by removing particles, gases, and chemicals from it. It is mostly used to remove the smoke after the fire, and moldy smell often produces in the water damaged area. The …

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How to Neutralize Smoke and Odor?

AlorAir Team | March 26, 2020

Smoke whether it rises from your fireplace or cigarette smoking, its long existence in your home results in the worst odor. A similar stuffy smell is also common in your car if you are a regular cigarette smoker. Slowly this odor gets impregnated into your fibers of upholstery, carpet, and clothing. At home, it is …

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How to Buy Quality Air Mover?

AlorAir Team | March 25, 2020

Air movers, also known as industrial air blowers, commercial blowers, and inflatable blowers are a great tool for restoring a water damaged area. They are similar to fans that are primarily used to increase air circulation to speed up the process of evaporation and to dries up the dampened areas. Although they work similarly to …

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