Does your house smell musty?

When you open the closet or walk into the basement, the smell you get is often described as a “musty smell.” The smell is unpleasant, but dealing with moldy smells is even more frustrating. A musty smell can be a sign of mold or latent mold. If you want to clean the mold smell thoroughly, you need to keep reading.
First, we need to identify the source of the musty smell, then you can take action to eliminate it, and most importantly, you need to prevent the moldy smell from reappearing. Mold can grow almost anywhere, mold spores, the surface they grow on, the warm, moist environment that’s what makes mold grow. Here are some places to check if you have the same problems and doubts.
1.The bathroom, moist and warm environment is most likely to breed spores. You can look at the tiles in the shower, under the sink, around the toilet, and the walls to see whether there is mold exist.
2. Kitchen, There are many places in the kitchen where mold can hide. You should thoroughly check the inside, under, and around the refrigerator, under the sink, and inside the microwave and stove. The most important thing is to check your trash can, that’s the mold’s favorite environment.
3.Bedroom, you need to check the mattress, bedroom windows and windowsills, and potted plants.
4. Living room, you have to check the windows, the furniture, and the fireplace.
5. Attics, basements, and garages, the dark, warm, and damp places where mold is most likely to thrive.
In addition, in order to thoroughly screen the areas where mold is growing, we recommend that you inspect every area of your house that you think is likely to have mold growth.
So how do you get rid of the moldy smell?
Here are a few ways:
1. Fix any leaks or moisture problems, mold can grow in damp places, such as windows, pipes, or where there has been a flood. If you think the moldy smell is caused by water leaks or moisture, you need to get it repaired immediately.
2. Clean mold or moldy areas thoroughly, if you find mold or mildew in an area, you need to give the area a thorough cleaning. When cleaning mold, make sure the space you’re in is well ventilated, and cover your arms, legs, and hands with a respirator or mask to avoid coming into contact with mold spores that can develop during cleaning. You can also hire a professional team to clean it up for you.
3. You can turn on windows and fans, which will improve air circulation in your home and reduce moldy smells.
4. Use a scent absorber, you can use a scent absorber like activated charcoal or baking soda and replace it every two weeks.
5. Invest in a dehumidifier and air purifier, which will help you get rid of mold and odors once and for all.

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