Application of dehumidifier in building construction

AlorAir Team | August 14, 2021

One of the biggest headaches in the construction industry is how to finish construction with both quality and quantity guaranteed before the deadline. In addition, one of the toughest challenges is the high humidity of the concrete blocks. In general, waiting for indoor concrete to dry naturally is not feasible. Because natural drying is slow, …

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How to tell the difference between winter allergies and colds?

AlorAir Team | August 10, 2021

Weather in winter increases people’s exposure to indoor allergens by spending more time indoors. Common indoor allergies are as follows: air dust particles, dust mites, pet dander (protein-containing dander), mold, and cockroach droppings. Taking precautions is the key to avoiding allergies, and be aware of the following allergens: Dust mites Bedding, furniture, and carpets are …

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Several reasons for waking up with a stuffy nose

AlorAir Team | August 3, 2021

Many people may not be sick and wake up with a stuffy nose in the morning. This condition is often called rhinitis. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), about 74% of people are exposed to between three and six allergens in the bedroom each night. When you kick your pet out …

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Security measures for the reopening of the school

AlorAir Team | August 2, 2021

With COVID-19 infection rates rising across the country, school officials across the United States are scrambling to find ways to reopen schools. Some schools have said they will offer a mix of face-to-face and virtual learning in the fall, while some school districts have announced they will not offer face-to-face learning when school starts. In …

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What gym owners should know about dehumidification

AlorAir Team | July 29, 2021

Without a dehumidification system in a gym, customers’ post-workout sweat will give off a bad smell, which causes shorten the life of exercise equipment and worsen indoor air quality. Additionally, poor air quality can lead to the spread of disease. Therefore, controlling the indoor humidity of the gym will reduce the growth of mold and …

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How to salvage the painting from mold

AlorAir Team | July 28, 2021

An unexpected flood was damaging to the painter. It’s not just the homes that are damaged, but most importantly the hard work of the paintings. Even if there was no substantial damage,  mold will also cause inestimable damage to the painting, and the mold spreads fast. If you encounter this problem with your painting, please read on. …

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How to improve indoor air quality during the COVID-19

AlorAir Team | July 21, 2021

Did you know that the air quality in your home can affect your respiratory health? Excess dust and pet dandruff can reduce indoor air quality. Meanwhile, scented candles and some holiday decorations contain toxic gases and chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions. With the 2019 coronavirus outbreak, people have more opportunities to stay indoors. Experts …

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What people with asthma should know about humidity

AlorAir Team |

The humidity range of 30-60% is the most suitable for living in. As long as the humidity is above this range, you will feel uncomfortable. Moist air is so full of water that your sweat can’t evaporate, so you feel hotter and stickier on a humid day. Humid air can also make it difficult to …

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Something you need to know about humidity

AlorAir Team | July 17, 2021

What exactly is humidity? What does it have to do with moisture? Why does it feel like some days are hotter than normal, and others are colder? Did you know that controlling humidity in your home is one of the most important ways to keep your and your family’s living space healthy and comfortable? If …

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Does your house smell musty?

AlorAir Team | July 14, 2021

When you open the closet or walk into the basement, the smell you get is often described as a “musty smell.” The smell is unpleasant, but dealing with moldy smells is even more frustrating. A musty smell can be a sign of mold or latent mold. If you want to clean the mold smell thoroughly, …

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