ALORAIR LGR Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier Auto Shut Off with Pump, 5 Years Warranty, Compact, APP Control, cETL Listed, up to 180 PPD (Saturation), for Garages, and Flood Restoration

Model : Storm LGR Extreme

4.9 Average

$969.11 List Price: $1,600.00

The Storm LGR Extreme has proven to be the perfect tool for water damage repair.  Despite its small and compact design, it offers a fantastic dehumidification capacity of 180 PPD at saturation.   Flood restoration contractors often send it into tight crawl spaces, cramped basements,and areas of extreme water damage.   

Highlights: App Control/LCD Display/ Built-in Heavy Duty Pump/ 5 Years Warranty

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Product Overview

Smart App Control: WiFi or Direct Connection
You can either choose to connect to your dehumidifier via WiFi or direct connection. Both options will let 
you control your device remotely, but choosing to connect your mobile directly to the unit using our smart 
app will only provide you a limited range of control. On the other hand, if you connect your unit to your 
home WiFi network using our smart app, you will have the liberty to fully control it even from a far away 
location. Remember that in using the app, it is necessary to have a WiFi connection with 2.4GHz.


· Has a compact design
· Built with an automatic defrosting system
· Ergonomically designed for easy usage
· Equipped with a rare earth alloy tube
· Has a heavy-duty condensate pump
· Has a continuous operation mode
· Has an easy and quick drainage hose connector
· ETL certified
· Equipped with a smart control app that is WiFi -enabled
· Has an intelligent power-off memory protection

1.Protection from Diseases – Environments with high humidity are where harmful microorganisms 
live and harm the surfaces they reach. Their small size is often deceiving as they are able to be 
highly detrimental. Without proper extraction and prevention, they can bring various health risks 
such as allergies, skin irritations, respiratory illness, and immune-related diseases. Another 
harmful group that brings health risks are mosquitoes. They, too, thrive in humid places. They 
have the ability to infect a person with malignant diseases such as dengue or malaria. Fortunately, 
the use of a dehumidifier is the best proven way to prevent their growth and damaging effects.
2. Economical and Cost-Effective: Purchasing a dehumidifier is one of the best investments a person 
can make. It is designed to operate optimally with only a conservative use of energy. Moreover, 
with its long-term benefits, you are certain to have the most reliable prevention on common 
damages that take place because of excess moisture. Thus, investing on a dehumidifier saves you 
both time and money without having to do much.
3. Optimal Restoration Assistance – Because of its superb features and specifications, users are 
assured to obtain maximum performance to ease their restoration job. It is portable, durable, and 
very reliable when it comes to heavy water damage restoration projects.
4. Protection of Properties Against Damage – As the dehumidifier creates the most suitable 
breathing atmosphere to your home, it simultaneously keeps it inhospitable for harmful 
microorganisms to thrive and harm your valuables. You would not need to worry about molds in 
your clothes or shoes, damaged electrical wirings, and other related issues that come from having 
excess moisture.
5. Prioritized Safety Due to Prevention of Structural Issues – Accidents can be widely prevented 
when you have the constant effect of a dehumidifier at home that prevents excess moisture from 
weakening your home’s structure and foundation. 
6. Conducive Work Place for Higher Productivity – It is a proven fact that a workplace is positively 
affected by its favorable breathing atmosphere. By providing a clean and safe ventilation, 
employees are certain to provide optimal productivity and benefit from each other’s motivated work ethic.

So, whether you are a homeowner or a business enthusiast, investing in a dehumidifier will surely provide 
you with all these benefits in your daily life. 
More so, this and all of our dehumidifiers are supported by a dependable warranty coverage which you 
can check out in this website as well. For more inquiries, do not hesitate to contact any of our customer 
service representatives. We are more than happy to help you make a decision for your dehumidification 

Power 5.62A(115v/60Hz)
COP 2.44L/Kwh
Size For Up to 2,300 Sq.FT
Filter MERV-8 Filter
Air flow 210 CFM, 350 CMH
Sound Pressure Level <58 dBA
Refrigerant R410A
Wheel Portable Wheel
Draining Condensate Pump
Defrosting Control System Automatic Defrosting
Functioning Temperature Range 33.8-104℉
Functioning Humidity Range 25~80%
Capacity115V(80ºF-60%) 85 Pints
Dim (L X W X H) 22.8 x 13.7x 17.3in
Shipping Dim(L x W xH) 24.4 x16.1 x 20.5 in
Loading quantity "20”:188Sets 40”:416Sets 40”HQ :520Sets"

AlorAir Storm Extreme LGR Dehumidifier for Commercial Use

 With its impeccable upgrades, it's always been the first choice for residential and commercial remediation and prevention.

So you can bring other problems with your phone or potential threats and more sexual suggestive system. A place where you can protect your valuables from damage and protect your family from health risks.


With its ergonomic design, commercially available transport and use, rugged housing and professional all-round protection, the AlorAir Storm Ultra LGR has proven to be a top choice for a wide range of applications

- Bathrooms - pantries/bathroom closets/lockers/lockers - objects - drying rooms/bathrooms/computer rooms/bathroom/toilets/bathroom stove/office/laboratory/food pantry.

Proper use and care

Countertop dehumidifiers must be properly used and maintained to ensure their cooling performance and safety. Some are and daily maintenance safety: keep its performance up for 30 minutes, let it work in wet conditions, let and other internal dehumidifiers.
All windows, vents or other areas of use must be closed 12 hours before the unit is used,  if well sealed, keep 6 facilities. Keep away from mold obstacles. Used in the area where it's placed. Be sure to drop it before placing it in the proper other location. Immerse it when not in use. To clean, wipe the outside with a damp cloth. Neutral soap solution

Don't forget to check the inlet and drain for blockages
- Inspect the cooling coils annually for maintenance
- You can use foam coil cleaner to clean out the coil
- Make sure all debris has been removed from the cable and that it's properly packaged and secured for storage.
- Make sure it's properly dried before storage.
- If the device is submerged, carefully open it to dry it completely before reconnecting it.
- For other complex problems, seek professional help.
- Never use the machine as a support or step stool to reach high projects.

Please read the accident booklet and all other checklists before using the dehumidifier and any related products. It's best to have all important information ready to reduce the risk of an accident.

With AlorAir, you simply get the best service in the industry, the best service, and the best service for you.

Reviews & Queations

97% of customers recommend this item

73 Ratings
4.9 Average
5 Stars
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Love this dehumidifier!
By 'Antoni Nunez', Reviewed on 2020-10-15 10:58:27
We have had it for a week, and this has achieved its purpose. This is the first time I have used this type of product, so I cannot compare it with other dehumidifiers. I like it so far. I can notice the difference in our basement.
AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme dehumidifier is awesome!
By 'Nettie Warner', Reviewed on 2020-10-12 13:13:50
After using the dehumidifier for more than a month, I am very satisfied with its working effect. Compared to my old dehumidifier, it is very quiet and will collect more water and keep the basement dry. So far, I am very satisfied with the AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme dehumidifier I bought, and I recommend buying one.
Good dehumidification effect
By 'Ethel Clark', Reviewed on 2020-10-05 11:57:02
It looks like it is made of high-quality materials, compact, and well-made. It is well packaged and there are no scattered or damaged parts when it arrives. The dehumidifier is powerful and runs quietly to dry the room quickly. We use it in a bathroom without vents and ceiling fans, and it does the job perfectly.
Easy to set up, excellent choice and fast dehumidification
By 'Janice Ellis', Reviewed on 2020-09-28 13:37:10
This dehumidifier is great. Works better/more efficient. Set up is easy. After connecting to the power source, the humidity level drops rapidly. It can be inserted into the drain, so there is no need to empty the dehumidifier. In general, I am very satisfied with the product because I have noticed that the humidity in my house has been greatly reduced.
Good substitute so far
By 'Elisha Salter', Reviewed on 2020-09-21 15:39:32
I bought this dehumidifier to replace the old machine I bought in 2016. Low noise, lightweight, simple operation, and maintenance. Well done so far. Hope it can work for a longer time.
Well-made dehumidifier, better than the equipment we had before
By 'Jennifer Hess', Reviewed on 2020-09-14 15:33:43
This is my third dehumidifier in 16 years and it works well so far. The simple design seems to fit together well. The filter is easy to remove because it is located on the side of the device. Do a good job. I have set the unit to 45%. Even when the outdoor is humid, I can always keep the basement at 40-45%. Will see how it has been maintained over the years!
Good dehumidifier
By 'Arley Bull', Reviewed on 2020-09-07 14:56:55
not heavy. Easy to use. My last one stopped working. This is definitely a better alternative. Remove water well. The filter is easy to clean. I like its filtering function. I think this will help eliminate the musty base odor. Energy costs are very low and electricity bills have hardly attracted attention.
Works very well
By 'Susie Mackenzie', Reviewed on 2020-09-01 14:53:04
We put it in the crawl space and it works very well. The crawl space is very humid and it is getting better and better now. very happy. Although it is small and compact, it works well.
Mute and powerful dehumidification
By 'Ammarah Dunn', Reviewed on 2020-08-25 08:35:24
I never left any suggestions, but this dehumidifier left a deep impression on me. I have been using it for more than a week. Not noisy at all. Its noise is as quiet as the air emitted by other fans. In a house with a humidity of 70%, it can steadily discharge most of the water overnight.
Excellent machine
By 'Alma Morse', Reviewed on 2020-08-18 08:37:03
I like the features of Storm LGR Extreme, so I bought this dehumidifier. As the advertisement says. well-done. It removes excess water to keep the plant dry. Now I feel more comfortable in the factory. This has been running continuously for a week. No problem so far. worth buying.


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