Dehumidifying in Storage and Warehouse

AlorAir Team | April 19, 2021

The presence of moisture in industrial warehouse spaces threatens the structure, the interior of machinery and handling equipment, and the stored inventory. In addition to these threats, humid environments in manufacturing plants and work environments may also have a negative impact on employee performance and overall morale. The main reasons for the increase in humidity …

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How Do I Know If I Need a Dehumidifier?

AlorAir Team | March 11, 2021

Purchasing an appliance is often an investment, and there is nothing worse than buying a device only to realize that you are not going to need it in the foreseeable or distant future. If you have ever been a victim of making an impulsive purchase, then you can relate to the feeling. Maybe you have been …

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7 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Dehumidifier

AlorAir Team | March 4, 2021

High indoor humidity is known to interfere with air quality in a home. Furthermore, it can create ambient conditions for mold and dust mites to thrive. That should not be taken lightly considering that exposure to mold and dust mites is known to cause several respiratory complications and trigger an allergic reaction. It is for …

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Portable Dehumidifiers VS Whole-House Dehumidifiers

AlorAir Team | February 25, 2021

High relative humidity exceeding 50% is known to cause a myriad of problems, especially in an indoor environment. When there is high air moisture, there is a very high likelihood that mold growth will sprout. That is because the spores which are reproduced by molds are usually airborne, and their growth thrives where there is …

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Frequently Asked Dehumidifier Questions

AlorAir Team | February 4, 2021

What Is A Dehumidifier? A dehumidifier is a device that is used to regulate moisture. It removes excess moisture from the atmosphere until a desired relative humidity is achieved. How Does It Work? All dehumidifiers work using two primary working mechanisms. The working principles can either be through refrigeration or desiccation. Refrigeration dehumidifiers use refrigerants …

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Pros and Cons of Installing a Dehumidifier

AlorAir Team | January 28, 2021

Are you unsure of deciding as to whether you need a dehumidifier or not? Do you question yourself if it is prudent to purchase a dehumidifier, an appliance that you have always envisioned having in your home for years now? You are not alone. At times, it occurs to most people that even though they …

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User Guide: What Size of Dehumidifier Do I Need?

AlorAir Team | January 21, 2021

The first thing that anyone interested in purchasing a dehumidifier should consider is its size or capacity. Unfortunately, most people go ahead and buy the appliance without knowing its actual size, only to go back to the store complaining that they were ripped off their hard-earned cash. What Does ‘Dehumidifier Size’ Mean? Ordinarily, the physical …

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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dehumidifier

AlorAir Team | January 14, 2021

The rising demand for dehumidifiers is incomparable to any household or industrial appliance. Those who have used it, even for a single day, can attest to the fact that it causes a remarkable improvement in indoor air quality. If you have never had the pleasure, get one even for a trial run, and you are …

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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Dehumidifier

AlorAir Team | January 7, 2021

Nothing can be more frustrating to a consumer than purchasing the wrong product. The thought of wasting money on a product that is probably never going to be useful can be shuddering. That is why it is essential to conduct your due diligence on any product before purchasing any product, especially an electrical appliance. Dehumidifiers can be placed …

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Should I Use a Dehumidifier in Winter?

AlorAir Team | December 17, 2020

In winter, to keep warm from the cold, people will quickly turn on the stove at home or use the heating at home to make the home warmer and more comfortable. The electricity bill for heating alone accounts for about 45% of the total electricity bill and the extra cost is often accompanied by a …

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