Can HD55 replace a Frigidaire 70-pint consumer unit?

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I have a 900 sq ft. dirt basement that stays a constant 70-degrees F with humidity in the 70% range. I have been using a Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-pint consumer unit to bring humidty down into the 50% range. The unit is giving me trouble again and I'm looking for something with better build quality. Do you think that the Sentinel HD55 50-pint unit can perform equal to or better than a consumer 70-pint machine?

Asked on Sep 15, 2021 - 04:10:38am

Hi, John! The standard dehumidification capacity of the HD55 is 50-55 pints /24H. If you want something better than a consumer 70-pint machine, we recommend buying our Sentinel HD90 and above.

I purchased the Alorair Storm LGR Extreme dehumidifier which is rated at 85 ppd (AHAM) to replace a 20 year old 50 ppd Frigidaire dehumidifier in which the blower motor bearings wore out and the 85 ppd Alorair dehumidifier doesn't put out any more or even as much condensate as the old 50 ppd Frigidaire dehumidifier did. Alorair customer support can not manage to determine if there is something wrong with this particular unit or if this is all the performance that can be expected from this particular model. If so, I don't see how this model can be rated at 85 ppd (AHAM).

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