HD55 Leaking

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We purchased the HD55 14 months ago and have it in our crawlspace.  months ago we began having trouble with it leaking from the bottom and not falling into the reserve bucket. Also it runs but we get very little water, what we do get leaks from all parts of the casing even thou we keep a level on it montering that it's level.  Can anyone tell us what part we need to order or do to fix?


Asked on Jan 16, 2023 - 05:32:47pm

Hi James,

The water leakage at the bottom is probably due to the damage of the water pan. After checking and confirming this, please open the housing of the machine to block the water outlet, pour water into the water pan, and carefully observe if water leaks at the bottom. If water is leaking, the water tray must be replaced.

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