Does ALORAIR Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan can use in thunderstorms? Is the ventilator loud when it operates?

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Our basement is always damp in thunderstorms, and we can see condensation on the surfaces of the furniture.
In addition, the whole basement became very smelly. What's more, we can also find tiny dust near the exhaust port. 


ALORAIR Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan can use in thunderstorms. Especially the ALORAIR Crawl space Basement Ventilator Fan, VentirPro-S2adopts a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, IP-44 class fan, which not only has ventilation and odor removal function but also waterproof and dustproof in performance. So this machine can deal with all kinds of different climates.
In addition, for the noise problem you have doubts about, we can confidently tell you that the product is driven by a double-ball DC motor with a built-in 120mm double-blade fan, which can move 240 CFM, while reducing noise and power consumption, better than the AC fan.

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