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After installing and running my new Sentinel HDi120 for approximately 4 hours, we realized that the blower fan was not working.  The system became hot and was not dehumidifying and eventually stopped making any noise.  During troubleshooting, we found that the fan was stuck.  After allowing the unit to cool down, we used a small screwdriver to break the fan loose (pushing it with the tip to get it moving) and then turned on the system.  The fan started immediately and the unit has been running in continuous mode ever since (2 days now).  Our concerns are that the fan may be defective, but wanted some advice before switching it off of continouse mode.  The unit is currently dehumidifying effectively and appears to be working fine.

Asked on Mar 01, 2021 - 11:34:04pm

Hello, make sure to read the instructions carefully and check the machine. If there is any problem with the machine later, please contact our customer service under the premise that you have registered for the warranty.
Phone: (888) 990-7469
Thank you!

@Alorair, was hoping for a little more advice than this.  We'll run it until the crawl space had dried out more and then switch to noncontinous mode.  If the fan stops working after that we'll contact the support desk.  Thanks.

Hello, because there is no more information, it is impossible to determine whether the equipment is malfunctioning. Maybe you can send photos and a detailed description of the problem to us by email:
Thank you!

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