How long to dehumidify crawl space?

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I've set the dehumidifier setting to 50 and was wondering how long it might take to dehumidify my crawlspace.    It went from a starting humidity of 73 to 58 in about 24 hours.   Should it slowly continue to go down over a period of days?   What have other's seen?  I realize there are lots of factors but was wondering if people saw it only going down a point or two per day until it reached the set point?   I'm guessing it will have reached a plateau if it runs continuously for a couple of days without progress?


Hi, Stephen. Sorry for the late reply.

 First, there is the question of how long it takes to dehumidify the crawl space. It relates to the following factors:

  1. Whether your space is airtight.
  2. The size of the space area is to be dehumidified.
  3. The model you are using.

If you can give us this data, we can reply to your question more accurately.

Second, when reducing the humidity of the dehumidifier from 73 to 58. It will continue to decline slowly, but the final moisture depends on the actual environment.

Finally, will the dehumidifier go down a point or two per day slowly until the plateau? Our answer is: in a closed space, and with the suitable model, our machine will reach the set value in 4-8 hours. But sometimes, the actual value will fluctuate slightly above or below the set value, but gradually it will reach a stable level.

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