no double beep on powering up, flashing green power LED

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Brand new unit.  Connected pump drainage hose.  Plugged unit into outlet.  Humidity display reads 46.  Power LED flashing green (upper right hand corner of control panel.  Unit did not "beep" twice on pushing power button as described in manual.  Turning power off resulted in single beep. Power light off, humidty display reads 46.  Pulled power plug, display went off.  Repeating process does not alter anything.

Is this normal?  Basement humidty may be low at this time of year so 46 could be correct.  Lowering set point did cause compressor and fan to go on.  Power light still flashing green.  All may be well but flashing lights usually indicate something else in my mind.


Hi Dennis,

The machine is connected to the mains and every time the power is turned on or off, a sound is heard, which is normal. When H1, L0, or the humidity has reached the set value, the power light will flash and indicate the standby status. Please check again if the light resumes operation and stops flashing when the humidity value is set to a value lower than the ambient humidity. If it continues to blink, you should consider a problem with the motherboard.

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