Remote placed HD55 using HVAC ducting

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I have a multi-section crawl space requiring a HD55 Sentinel's for each section.

However, one of the sections has physical space issue (height) making it very challenging to place a unit within it, introduce electrical or discharge water properly, or even servicing such as filter replacement or other maintenance.

There are 6” round HVAC ducts that connect the larger crawlspaces to this low-ceiling crawlspace and are spaced equally apart along the stem-wall.

Can I place an HD55 in a separate crawlspace section, and utilize the HVAC duct’s for intake and output to circulate and dehumidify the crawlspace with accessibility issues? 

Does the HD55 humidistat sensor the air at the intake or outake? or is it an ambient sensor of the unit itself?


Hi John,

The machine can be placed in a larger room and provided with a duct connecting the air outlet and leading to the crawl space. The air outlet discharges dry, hot air so that humidity can be reduced in both rooms. The air inlet side can also be connected to the crawl space to collect moist air, but the air inlet duct fittings aren't currently commercially available. It's recommended that the air outlet be connected. The built-in temperature and humidity sensor of the machine can detect the current ambient temperature and humidity in real time at the bottom of the air inlet surface.

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