Storm LGR Extreme App data explanation

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In the (wifi) app for the Storm LGR Extreme: (1) What is "Grains" and in "Grains/kg" kg of what? (2) what does "Located on / off" do? (3) is there a way to change the display from celcius to fahrenheit (4) what does purge on / off do?  Mine is off but the unit is pumping water just fine.

Asked on Oct 03, 2021 - 01:50:58am

Sorry for the late reply. The answers to these app data questions are as follows:
1. It refers to the GPP value.

2. The "Located on/off" is used to query the device when it beeps.

3. You can change the display from Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit temperature in device details editing.

4. Purge on/off is used to purge water.

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