Storm LGR Extreme is set to 35%, but crawlspace won't get below 50%

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My Storm LGR Extreme is set to 35%, but crawlspace won't get below 50%.  It's even almost 60% in spots.

I think it's running OK.  Sounds slightly rough, but warm air coming out of exhaust, and pump is expelling water regularly.

The only issue may be, location?  It's at the crawlspace entrance, as this is not equipped with remote, or WIFI control.  If location of the unit is critical, then the next questions are:

1. Is it possible to convert the control panel to a WIFI?

2. Do you offer a splice/extension for the drain hose? I severed the original, because of my original desire to locate this near the sump pump.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for the trouble. Regarding humidity issues, you can directly call our after-sales service hotline: (888) 990-7469, these issues will be resolved quickly and effectively.

Storm LGR Extreme has an upgraded version with WiFi control. I don't know which version you bought. You can check the product manual for confirmation.

Considering the maximum drain height of the condensate pump, we are equipped with a drain hose appropriate length. But this is a good suggestion that we will consider this issue.

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