The HD 55 sentinel is good for 1300 square foot?

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With the ability to control the humidity level in 1300 square foot  please explain the wall height in the 1300 square feet.   My  crawl space is 1140 square foot. With 36 inch walls.  But how hight can the walls be for the HD 55 sentinel 120pp. Will this machine control the humidity in 1140 square foot with 8 foot walls.    It seems to me that the square footage rating is kinda miss leading. That  maybe cubic foot rating may be more accurate way to describe how much the unit is good for.  But them again I'm just  truck driver so what do I know


The machine is recommended for use in a space with a wall height of 118.11 "and 1,300 square feet. But the unit has no limit on wall height and can keep 1,140 square feet of confined space within set humidity.

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