The Sentinel HDi90 Dehumidifier whole house setup

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I have The Sentinel HDi90 Dehumidifier in my crawlspace. I would like to install a new air return register indoors in our ceiling and run the supply air to our trunk line also in the crawlspace. my questions are:

1.) The intake/return air line would be a 20ft run from the crawl, up to the attic, and connected to the return box. Will this unit be able to handle a 20ft run like this?   If so, what size return air box should be fitted? Also should we install a filter in this return and remove the filter from the unit or keep both filters?

2.) The air supply run. I want to run the supply air to our house trunk line. Should I cut in the supply air from the dehumidifier to the beginning of our trunk right after our Air Handler? Also this would be a 20 ft run from the dehumidifier to the front of our trunk. Will that be ok? 


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