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Guide to Buying Air Scrubber

Before you spend your hard earned cash on a scrubber, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. They will help you find a device that will serve you at a competitive price. First of all, quality and performance are important factors you cannot ignore. They determine the air freshening capability and how efficient the product can be in restoration and mold remediation projects. Other factors that you should consider include:



► Filtration choice

The filtration system is of great importance when it comes to portable air scrubber. They help a lot in odor filtration and particle removal process. The higher the quality of the filter used, the more effective the Air Scrubber is. As such, choosing a filter that is capable of absorbing dirty particles and which has a huge particle holding capacity guarantees efficiency and increases the lifespan of the scrubber. A filter with reduced airflow loss is recommended. A professional filtration system must have three stages of filters to cater for varying sizes for odor filtration. Also, the target should be fitted with the fourth stage which majorly focusses on gas filtration.


► Airflow Options

It is necessary that you choose adequate airflow for your Air Scrubber. Notice that when the airflow is larger, the size of the device must also be large. So for household needs, you require a 500 CFM airflow for your household needs. However, if you are running a cleaning company, you require an airflow of about 1,000CFM because of a wide range of cleaning and restoration jobs.  This airflow is easy to transport, efficient and you will find quite ideal.


► Types of Blowers

Air Scrubber requires a powerful blower for it to resist a debris build-up on its filters. When the buildup accumulates, it decreases airflow and results in static resistance. When this happens, it dampens the efficiency of the gadget. Blowers are manufactured with specific characteristics and are meant for specific applications. An Air Scrubber utilizes the airfoil type blower because of its ability to overcome pressure drop of dirty filters. The blower produces powerful airflow that extends the filter’s lifespan.




► Single Speed and Multiple Speed

Air scrubbers have either single speed or multiple speed. The two-speed modes are applied in different situations. The multiple speed is more flexible compared to the single speed because it can adjust airflow and is an integral part to air recirculation. You cannot adjust single speed for airspeed or even airflow noise which may at some point need to be controlled by the customer



► Easy Transport

In real life situation, the air mover must be transported to different places depending on the job that is to be done. Therefore, it needs to be light and portable to make it easy to move from one place to another or from one floor to another. It should also be easy to use.

Notice that An Air scrubber can only be operated by one or two people. Choosing a light one which you can operate comfortably is important. They also come with stair climbers which makes it convenient when climbing stairs. 



► Warranty

A warranty is meant to protect consumers in the event of failure. However, they must take care of the device and remain responsible. It has specified rights which the buyer can enjoy in the event it fails to do the job it was bought for. Therefore, it is important that you check the details of the warranty before buying an air mover. Ensure that you check the details and the span of warranty coverage as well as the maintenance and failure of the machine. Ensure that you get useful information in the event of occurrence of a fault during the normal operation of the device.  To enjoy the warranty, you must remember to adhere to the terms and conditions.


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