How to Use the Dehumidifier to Clean the Carpet

If you have mastered the cleaning art and you know the components of all the floor coverings and the temperature required for drying. ALORAIR provides you with an innovative way of cleaning and drying your carpet. However, you need to select the gadget that best suits your drying needs depending on your application. Our experts will help you choose reasonable equipment for your drying needs.

It is true that floor covering could be expensive for instance carpets found in mosques, are not meant to serve ornamental purposes and so they need to be spotless if they have to continue being used. So the process of cleaning and drying them must be adjusted depending on their quality. Note that if wrong temperatures are used, the material could get damaged.


Notice that the entire cleaning process should take a little of your time. So if the conditions are unfavorable it may take a lot of your time. High levels of dampness may make drying a little bit difficult. Luckily, you can use the innovative ALORAIR to dry your items.

Drying should be fast if you are using the right machines. This is why it is necessary that you invest some money in drying equipment. Using ALORAIR drying equipment will not only help you save money but time.

COP ALORAIR Dehumidifier

It can be relied on to dry dampness on the floor. It has a high dehumidifying limit. It works tirelessly and comes with efficient drying chambers. It is capable of a 40-degree imprint and can effectively dry all your items. It can adapt to any environment and guarantees you flawless drying capability.

You have the freedom to choose the commercial or industrial units that meet all your needs. The commercial unit can absorb about 45 liters a day while the industrial type can absorb up to 240 liters per day.