Dealing with Water Damage Quickly

As the hot summer approaches, the coastal cities are likely to be affected by typhoons and tornados. Therefore necessary to have post-disaster restoration in place in advance to help people handle remediation and restoration issues. 

The process which ensures that the damaged property and structure are restored back to the pre-loss condition after water damage is known as water damage restoration.  It is one of the most critical steps that should be taken when the living space and office get flooded. It helps to get water out as quickly as possible to help prevent the onset of mold.  Notice that the mold requires 24 hours before they start growing. So ensuring that the cleaning process is commenced within 24 - 48 hours is important to help eliminate the mold problem.  You need to take actions such as deep drying.


ALORAIR Water Damage Restoration Appliance


Air Movers, Restoration Dehumidifiers, and Air Scrubbers.

When your building or property suffers from flooding and water damage, it is critical that you stop and prevent further damage. Allowing mildew and mold to grow can affect both your health and ruin your commercial property. Finding a solution to this may be complicated and confusing especially if you are inexperienced. Luckily, ALORAIR has developed a number of restoration packages meant to help you recover quirkily.

Restoration Dehumidifier

It is the key equipment that will be used to dry and restore the environment after it has been damaged. Note that after flood damage, restoration may be a daunting task. It requires a heavy-duty and durable dehumidifier that is rugged enough and is built to handle the restoration job. We have the renegade dehumidifier series specifically designed to handle harsh environments and help in proper restoration.  The dehumidifier is efficient, and quick and will help extract water from the walls, and floor and will curb harmful growth. The dehumidifier features large wheels that make moving it from one place to another easier. It also features COP which ensures efficiency in drying large areas.


Air Scrubbers

Air movers are important in drying water damage situations. They promote fast drying of surfaces including carpets and floors. They also allow for proper air circulation within and around the indoor environment. At ALORAIR, you will get packages that range from large to compact models. 


About Packaging Sale

We have a variety of water restoration tools and equipment to help you do the job well. We have special restoration packages designed by experts and will help you to complete your restoration quickly. Each of the packages includes Air Scrubbers, Air Movers, Dehumidifiers, and other items you may need in the restoration process.  Dehumidifiers remove moisture while the air movers and air scrubbers help to accelerate the process by circulating air throughout the damaged area.


Industrial Mixed Packaging:

The industrial packs offer cost-effective options that you need for any project. This pack contains a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers that allow you to customize your order so as to meet the needs at hand.


Wholesale Packages:

At ALORAIR, we offer you a combination of dehumidifiers at the best price. This is important because it helps you reduce costs and make more profit.  Here are some of the most popular packages.

Restoration packages

•    5x ALORAIR Mover 550

•    1xALORAIR dehumidifier- Renegade 125

•    Restoration Package 2

•    10xALORAIR Air Mover550

•    1xALORAIR dehumidifier-renegade90

For drying out an average-sized living room, you may choose package 1. However, if you are drying a larger area, you will be better off with package 2 whose extraction rate is 125 pints a day. This way, you will be sure that all your problems will be solved. For more information, consider visiting