Why You Should Go For an Air Scrubber

The United States environmental protection agency (EPA) says that the air inside any home can be more polluted than the outdoor air. In fact, the agency says that the pollution inside the house could be a hundred times more than the outdoor air. This pollution may be caused by a dust mite infestation, volatile compounds, pest body odor, and cooking smog. They are the most common day-to-day sources of pollution in our houses.


What the Air Scrubber Does

Cleaning function- It comes with an advanced purification technology that cleans surfaces to eliminate abhorrent odors. It helps to decrease harmful contaminants as soon as it is turned on.


Air freshening – Other than freshening the air in our home, Air Scriber reduces strong odors by reducing particles that make the disgusting odors that linger in our houses. It means that you should not scrub any dirty surfaces or items with toxic chemicals anymore.


Purifying the air- The job of the Air scrubber is to continually send humidity out of our homes. By doing this, it helps to decrease pollution sources such as mildew, contaminants, and chemicals.



The Air scrubber from ALORAIR uses advanced purification technology. It neutralizes odor and smoke from the cabinet immediately it is turned on. It has the capability of killing 99.9% of the surface contaminants in your house.

It clears contaminates quickly and is preferred more than any other purification device we can think of. The good thing about the Air scrubber is that it can be installed in a centralized heating system and thus, you don’t need to buy another air purifier. 

It is recommended especially if any of the members of your family are asthmatic. It helps to eliminate the bacteria and air contaminants thus improving their health conditions.