How ALORAIR Dehumidifier Works

 Most dehumidifiers you will get on the market are of three types: desiccant dehumidifier, ionic membrane dehumidifier, and refrigeration dehumidifier. Here are the most critical things that we need to master before we get to know how the dehumidifier work.

1. Where does the excess moisture come from

Air absorbs moisture in the vapor state. The ability to do this is affected by the surrounding air temperature. When air cools, its ability to hold water reduces. So the air will obviously unload the excess moisture on cold surfaces. This is what causes the dampness and condensation


2. What is Condensation?

It is the process through which hot air gets cooled down immediately it gets in contact with cool surfaces. It happens when the air is not capable of holding moisture any longer.

3. How the Dehumidifier Work

First, we need to understand that a dehumidifier controls humidity by converting humid air to dry air. It is also used as one of the most trusted air purifiers and find a lot of application in pharmaceuticals, electronics, photographic films, storage and packaging firms, brewing, ice rink, manufacturing, and processing firms. It can also be used for household or commercial applications.


3. How It Works 

The fan pulls the humid air into the dehumidifier fitted with a filter that absorbs airborne particles. The refrigerant is then compressed and forced to travel around the coils making them cool down. Humid air passes over the coils and begins to cool. This makes the humid air lose its ability to hold moisture. The condensed water is drained away via the pipe. This is a layman’s explanation of how dehumidifiers work. Notice that the unit will, and is affected by many other factors such as humidity level and environmental factors. Also, it is important to note that if the environment has excessive moisture, it becomes difficult to breathe and may cause health-related issues.


4. Dealing with drainage

Water collected by a dehumidifier can be dealt with in three ways. For dehumidifiers with a tank, water will be collected in the tank until when it is full before the tank is emptied. The tank comes with a water full protection function and there will be an alight indication that the tank is almost full and makes the dehumidifier stop working. At this point, you need to empty the tank so that the dehumidifier can continue working.  On the other hand, expensive dehumidifiers come with a drainage hose that is connected to the dehumidifier to complete the draining process, which is done either by a water pump or gravity. The water pump allows for long-distance draining to your own pump. Alternatively, you can run a drain hose to the window and drain the water to your yard since it can pump water to 20 feet high.