What You Need To Know About Alorair Industrial Dehumidifier

Perfect cleanliness is crucial, especially in handling meat and the frankfurter generation, and it is actually the best way of guaranteeing decent product quality. Consequently, stringent hygienic preconditions should be met when handling meat – particularly in cooling places where handling of crude items takes place. This is exactly where the most severe risk – water condensation – is expected due to low temperatures as well as high humidity levels. Things rust, which subsequently affects cleanliness. As a matter of fact, the irritating odor in meat processing companies, which typically occurs at high humidity levels should not be regarded lightly, too.  An industrial dehumidifier by AlorAir quickly helps the situation and provides reliable stickiness management in this subtle generation area.



Condensation: An Important Issue


High stickiness values should never be taken casually, especially in cool environments.  A risk of build-up exists in icy stockpiling houses as well as other working areas of the meat industry where the frosty chain should be maintained.  A build-up ensues speedily if the dew point visible all around exceeds that at the working areas, dividers, or roofs’ exterior.  This occurs as a result of the frosty surfaces chilling the air and the water vapor collecting to form water.  There can be a proliferation of germs on the prospect of vapor drops falling onto the unpacked meat items.  Cardboard boxes are good absorbers of dampness, and this can devour whole stocks.  Due to the high humidity, it is necessary to improve the odors and the apparent increase in coldness.  These are the two elements that result in reduced staff profitability. This is why companies should deal with emerging problems that might be caused by this.



Controlling Humidity for Safe meat processing

To enable your business to attract customers and maintain profitability, it is necessary that you have a cool environment. It is true that in most working environments such as chilly stores, temperatures are kept low. Unfortunately, relative moistness cannot be reduced under between 70-95degrees Fahrenheit. It requires that a superior dehumidifier is used. In such a case, the Industrial and commercial dehumidifier series from ALORAIR can help reduce dampness at a low temperature.

Therefore, utilizing dehumidifiers in the meat processing industry comes with the following advantages:

    Reduces hygiene-related issues

    Eliminates buildups

    Quickly dries the cut surface

    Diminish germ development

    Creates cold temperatures making ideal working conditions for workers

    Eliminates odor and offensive smells

    It becomes easier to dry the area after drying

    Eliminates the possibility of slipping



Stationary Drying Systems

They are the ALORAIR dehumidifier series that features a rotary compressor that is highly efficient and maximizes the extraction of water at a very low running cost. The series is majorly designed for large-scale dehumidification. They have a larger and heavy outline which enables them to easily handle dehumidification tasks in commercial and industrial applications. One of the equipment in this series can extract about 240 pints of moisture every day in AHAM conditions 60% relative humidity and 80 degrees F). The rotary compressor is super-efficient. It runs for a longer period while extracting more moisture from the surroundings and keeping the energy costs low. The dehumidifiers can work and serve an area of about 12,000sq. Ft. It will allow you to get maximum airflow and maximizes moisture reduction while consuming very little energy. AlORAIR products are durable, require very minimal maintenance, and are quite flexible. They are specifically designed to be used in hygiene-sensitive areas and mostly come in stainless steel versions. If you want more information about ALORAIR's industrial and commercial series, do not hesitate to visit alorair.com.