The main job of a dehumidifier is to reduce or eliminate indoor air moisture to help achieve some level of dryness. Industrial dehumidifiers are applied in the following areas:


Electronic plants, computer rooms, CD production, and large hotels, make use of dehumidifiers to not only reduce the amount of air circulating in the facility but also to stabilize the temperature. It is suitable in indoor areas where the humidity is less than 50%. It can also be used in a conditioning system with large amounts of air.


Secondly, food, laminated glass, printing products, and chemical production fields, can also utilize dehumidifiers to help control indoor humidity. The industrial dehumidifiers can be ideal for 40 and 20% indoor humidity levels in warehouses and workshops. If you use other drying techniques, it may be difficult to achieve the level of humidity required. Therefore, the combined use of air conditioning and dehumidifiers can help you achieve the desired humidity levels faster.

Thirdly, dehumidifiers are required to reduce humidity levels in food and wood processing plants, where chemicals and photosensitive materials are used and where a low relative humidity of 1 to 2% is required. This may not be achieved if you use other drying equipment other than industrial dehumidifiers from ALORAIR.

Fourthly, Dehumidifiers could be used in environments where plastic mold production and testing take place. These are special processes that require that you dry indoor air using industrial dehumidifiers to guarantee product stability and quality. 

Note that this list is not exhaustive, it lists just a few areas where industrial dehumidifiers can be applied. Advancement in technology has made it possible for the dehumidifiers to be used in both commercial and fields industrial to complete plenty of drying tasks.

ALORAIR sells both industrial and commercial series of dehumidifiers designed to meet the ever-rising market demand. These are dehumidifiers that feature an efficient rotary compressor that maximizes the extraction of water at the lowest running cost.  The series is designed for large-scale dehumidification. The products have a large and heavy-duty output that can help handle tougher dehumidification tasks. This is a heavy-duty series designed to handle tougher dehumidification tasks in both industrial and commercial applications. The series models can extract up to 240 points of moisture a day in (60% relative humidity and 80 degrees) AHAM conditions. It comes with a highly efficient rotary compressor that enables it to extract condensation from surfaces within the environment meaning that it will maximize airflow while it reduces the moisture with less energy consumption.

The machine is energy efficient and will help you save on the cost of electricity bills. You end up saving about $250 per year when you consistently use this dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can be used to dry machines and purify the air. It can help you maintain consistent humidity of less than 50%. It means that you need not keep the thermostat on since ALORAIR products dehumidify and maintain the excellent temperature in the house. Also, it helps you to save on energy since you don’t need to purchase a thermostat.

If you are tired of excess moisture in your dining room, bedroom, and any other living spaces in your home and you want to eliminate it once and for all, consider buying our industrial and commercial dehumidifier. For more information, visit