Controlling Humidity in Wine Cellars

In wine production, it is important that the humidity and temperature in the vaulted cellars be ideal. Wine must be given the best condition while fermenting. The ideal temperature under which fermentation takes place will be set by the winemaker. The winemakers will, therefore, do this by using a thermostat which is always incorporated into the tank. However, to get the best results, it requires that they make use of a dehumidifier. The humidity level should be low for red wines to mature. Consequently, a dehumidifier is needed to reduce the humidity. The ALORAIR dehumidifiers are specially designed to deal with humidity and can be connected to perform other duties such as removing moisture from the vineyard. They guarantee ideal conditions for winemaking and help to prepare the wine cellar for use immediately after it has been cleaned.


Even though, enough care is required while preparing wine. Also, it requires the use of instinct when you want to generate the best wine. Notice that the environment around the wine cellar plays a vital role in the production process. It helps it to have the taste and the quality required. The temperature and humidity must balance and the humidity level must be consistent. It is for this reason that winemakers will want to make use of a dehumidifier to help create a perfect environment for wine production. The dehumidifier is used in rooms where fermentation takes place, including vaults where wine ages in barrels up to where the bottles are packed, labeled, and stocked. Notice that the humidity level in the vaulted cellar will always be high to accelerate condensation. If the dehumidifier is not used, it encourages the growth of germs, mold, and odor. If left in the room they can easily be transmitted to the wine. These contaminants can also make the floors slippery and create terrible working conditions.

Notice that any great wine requires the best conditions. Red wine in particular requires particular ideal temperatures to help it ferment. For this reason, winemakers will make use of temperature-controlled tanks which permit and allow the wine to develop and mature under ideal fermentation conditions. The winemakers use controlled tanks under perfect atmospheric conditions permitting each wine to mature under perfect conditions. The dehumidifier can help create a perfect condition that the white wine requires to naturally ferment. The red wine will not ferment well in areas where the temperature and humidity are high. For this reason, it requires the manufacturer to use our industrial dehumidifier in the manufacturing environment. It stops damage to the tanks and stops the growth of germs and mold in the vault.

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