Basements/attics are often the most moisture-prone areas of the home. When moisture penetrates the basement walls or foundation, the entire structure is weakened. When ceilings sag, paint peels or cracks, water penetrates stone and masonry, making bricks more porous and causing moisture to move from the basement to the rest of the house.

Ordinary portable dehumidifiers for home use often have a relatively small number of liters and can't do the job. Besides size, product features and manufacturer guidelines, the most important factor when buying a basement dehumidifier is whether it has Energy Star and ETL certification. Because with it, you'll be safe, save on bills, and do something for the environment.


Energy Star Most Efficient Certification

ENERGY STAR was created in 1992 as a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPAM) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to improve energy efficiency. It helps individuals and organizations save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by labeling factories, office equipment, home appliances, and electronic devices with high energy efficiency.

In recent years, the ENERGY STAR ratings have been expanded to include some new residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. In 2007, the European Union adopted ENERGY STAR, including its associated standards, for all its members. Australia and New Zealand have already adopted the system. As a result, the Energy Star logo has become an international symbol of energy efficiency.


ETL Safety certification

ETL is the acronym for Electrical Testing Laboratories, which was founded in 1896 by American inventor Thomas Edison. ETL is the most dynamic safety certification mark in North America and enjoys great popularity and recognition in North America. Products that have received the ETL mark meet the mandatory standards in North America and can be sold in the North American market.

To earn the ETL mark, Alorair went through a complex certification process that included the submission of photos, descriptions, and designs/optional prototypes, bid agreements, official follow-up inspections, and facility evaluation.


Why choose the AlorAir Energy Star dehumidifier?

ALORAIR- certified products are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and more efficient energy-saving heat exchangers and compressors are used inside. These components work together to achieve the highest efficiency and greatest carbon reduction. They use up to 20% less energy than conventional units, yet deliver the same performance.

ALORAIR ENERGY STAR dehumidifiers are also certified with the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Seal, a commitment that embodies our design philosophy to protect the environment. AlorAir brings year-round comfort to our customers' families without harming the environment. It has become the first choice for all customers committed to improving global climate change.


AlorAir Advantages

AlorAir has been a leading provider of basement and low-floor ventilation solutions for over a decade and is highly regarded by customers in major e-commerce stores worldwide. Our products are designed with user convenience and satisfaction in mind; a unique balance of functionality and comfort is ideal for large residential, industrial, and commercial projects. With an extended 5-year warranty, 30-day return guarantee, and free shipping, you can trust AlorAir to deliver the best quality and performance.

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1. Intelligent technology for constant humidity: when you set the humidity between 36% and 90%, the device detects the humidity in the room and intelligently regulates it.
2. Automatic Freeze Technology: prevents cold air from freezing the condensate or heat exchanger 3. Rare Earth Alloy Evaporator: protects and maintains the heat transfer of the heat exchanger to extend the life of the heat exchanger.
4. Memory Restart Device: restarts your unit after a power outage. 
5. Built-in Condensate Pump: you don't need to empty the bucket manually, you can empty it automatically anytime, anywhere.
6. MERV -8 Filter: protects internal components from damage caused by dust and other particles, ensuring long-term efficient use.
7. Optional Remote Control: Control and monitor your dehumidifier from 25 feet away. 
8. Optional Hanging Kit: Saves floor space and distributes air more efficiently and evenly throughout the room.
9. Pipe Connectors: Allow airflow into other humid rooms and effectively reduce unit operating noise.