Classification of Destruction as Per IICRC

Class 1

Apart from being the lowest, it is the easiest to handle. Its evaporation rate is slow.  It is only portions of a room or space that get affected, with the carpet getting slightly wet or even not wet at all. Only materials having a small permeable rate, for instance, plywood or concrete are affected.


Class 2

This level has a rapid evaporation rate, hence it affects a whole room, the carpeting or cushioning. The moisture has soaked the wall not less than 12 inches and the structural materials still retain moisture.


Class 3

The evaporation rate of this class surpasses the rest, saturating the ceilings, walls, sub-floors, insulation, and carpet.  There is the probability of the liquid having originated from the above.


Class 4

Actually, this type is branded for exceptional drying circumstances, meaning there has essentially been sufficient time to allow the liquid to saturate materials that have a very low level of permeability, for instance, hardwood, brick, or stone. When you have water damage, you need to deal with the problem quickly. You should understand that waiting longer to start doing so will only get worse.  You should not let water remain as it increases the danger of bio-hazard. In a nutshell, in a span of two to three days, category 1 water may transform into category 2 and finally into category 3, where multiplication of bacteria plus other pathogens start to occur.


Having read expert suggestions on methods of dealing with developing flood damage, it is obvious that a specialized cleaning & restoration series dehumidifier will be helpful; to you. We would like to introduce you to an amazing dehumidifier – Sentinel HDi90 - an AlorAir's 5-star product, a unit featuring numerous innovative features.  But first of all, let’s take a look at its specifics:


The Product’s Overview:

It is efficient and capable of removing 90 pints a day using only 5.5 amperes of current.

The unit’s horizontal configuration and the dual airflow outlets allow it to rank high among the most recommended unit for crawlspaces and basement. Note that the Sentinel HDi90is ETL, CE, and energy star approved. It was designed to dehumidify the basement and crawlspaces. Its noise level does not exceed 55DBA. And it is capable of removing 90 pints of moisture a day while consuming about 5.5 amps of power. It can cover an area of about 2,600 sq. ft. It enjoys an impressive water removal efficiency of 6 pints/week/kWh.


How it functions:

Let’s start by looking at how it operates. Air gets into the dehumidifier through the front end, making its way through a mobile filter that can be assembled with ease.  It goes through the system when finally the air outlet releases it.


Control panel:  This is conveniently located on the machine’s front. So, to set the humidity level you want, you simply press the button. We set the machine at 50% humidity when it is through production.  However, the moment you feel like your space is starting to feel either extremely dry or not adequately dry, you may set relative humidity level between 35% and 90% by adjusting the upper as well as a lower button.


The humidity sensor, which is located next to the moving filter bypass design is helpful in removing the short-cycling and can quickly access the pump as well as the main board.  This piece features a defrosting system - “Hot Gas” - on its exchanger that makes sure that ice is removed from the coil quickly and efficiently in lowest working temperature of 2°C.


Actually, Sentinel HDi90 has introduced epoxy coated coils, thus becoming a leader in the industry.  The life of the coils will be prolonged – thanks to this new feature – hence it will protect them in corrosive surroundings as well as maintain the heat transfer ability of the coil during the lifespan of the coil.


Draining the vapor that has collected requires that you simply attach the drain pipe, position it at an angle in the place you want, and allow gravity to drain the water out of the gadget. Adding an outer condensate pump will be necessary 

If the water is to be drained over long distances or upwards. This allows water to drain upwards through a window.  Additionally, for the purpose of convenience, we have equipped the device with a pump measuring five meters long. 


For those places that need remote sensor and control, this unit equipped with remote control makes it an excellent choice.  Since the piece is actually in back-up-box design, dissembling it can be done in only 10 seconds.  In fact, the unit can be taken out easily when a request is made for certain internal service such as such as internal cleaning as well as pump service, even while the pump is actually in the rapid connector without the need for a technician.

The product features an air duct created to clear out moisture from certain inaccessible places or tricky corners that are difficult to get to, or probably you want the moisture in a room released to another one.


In case you feel like the dehumidifier is a good fit for you, and you need more helpful info, feel free to visit