App fixed for IOS 15 and 16?

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Is the app fixed for IOS 15? IOS 16 is due out end of September with the new iphone 14. Will the app break again?

Asked on Sep 09, 2022 - 10:33:57pm

Sorry, currently the APP only supports the IOS15.0 version or less, but our team is already developing and upgrading the APP, and it is expected to be online in March of next year.

Is the new app still on track to be ready in March?

Is the new app still on track to be ready by June?

Not for nothing, but your customers are not happy. I am not a happy customer.

We've spent thousands of dollars on your equipment under the promise that we could control and manage it using your mobile app. It's been TWO YEARS since you've issued an app update, and the app still doesnt work with IOS 15 *or* 16, and 17 was just announced. Your equipment can NOT be managed by current Apple hardware, yet you advertise it on the product page and your website as if it is possible when you've admitted here it is not.

WHEN will you deliver an app that works with current IOS versions??

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