Auto Defrost Mode Occurring Every Hour

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I have recently installed an HDi65 in my crawl space.  I have been monitoring the unit/space using humidistats and cameras and noticed that the unit cycles almost precisely every hour from dehumidify mode to auto defrost (Cont. Defrost light illuminated red).  That is it will dehumidify with the compressor opertaional for 1 hour, then enter auto defrost for approx 8-12 min before returning to dehumidify mode for another hour.  The ambient temp is consistently 57-65 deg F.  Is this normal operation for the unit to defrost every hour or should it only defrost when operating in lower temps? 


Hi Michael,

It is normal, because there will be frost in this temperature range, so setting it below 65℉ will start the defrosting process.

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