Compression fitting nut will not bite threads

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I purchased a Sentinel HDi65 dehumidifier and I am attempting to attach the drain hose to the water pump connection fitting. The hose is 99.5mm (probably 1cm) O.D. and easily pushs onto the connector. However, the compression nut will not thread onto the fitting with the hose properly attached. It easily catches the thread and tightens onto the fitting without the hose. Any suggestions?


I have pushed against the nut with fingers, tools, and used a wrench to try to turn the nut with pressure pushing the nut against the threads, but it doesn't help.


Hi Nicholas, you can try to pull out the water pipe joint a little bit, and then push the nut towards the joint with force. Turn the nut 1-2 times, and the water pipe will be firmly connected to the joint.

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