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I am interested in the AlorAir Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier to use in my sealed crawlspace with existing installed circulating fans and have some questions:  I only operate my dehumidifier from May - September, as I live in central Arkansas and don't need to operate year round.   

1.  What are the differences between the HD55 (Gold) and HD55 (White) models?

2. Is the enclosure on the HD-55 unit metal? I want to minimize risk of a fire and thus ensure the enclosure is not plastic and thus fuel for fire. 

3.  What is the Specification "Loading Quantity" as I find this to be the only Spec that is different between the HD55-Gold and HD55-White? 

4.  I am replacing an existing dehumidifier (Perfect Air - 4PAD70, rated capacity or 70 pints/day; gravity drain) which has a manufactured date of 2-2017 with the AlorAir HD55 unit.   I understand capacity ratings have changed such that the 2017 dehumidifier rated for 70 pints/day would currently be rated at ~ 45 pints/day, using today's standards.  My original unit is working fine but I want to replace it to minimize risk of a fire as it is enclosed in a Plastic housing and I use it for dehumidification of my crawlspace.   

I believe based on the above that the HD-55 Unit is an acceptable replacement - does the above seem reasonable - am I overlooking something that I should consider? 


Sorry for the late reply.

1. Gold and white HD55 have color and process differences

2. The shell is metal

3. The "loading quantity" of HD55 gold and white HD55 is the same, 40ft HQ:435Sets

4.HD55 Gold and White HD55 at Aham can reach 55 pints per day

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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