Ducting intake side of alorair hd55

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Hello, I have an alorair hd55 that works great for my finished basement space.  It is currently setup temporarily and I would like to create a more permanent solution with the unit in the unfinished part of the basement ducted to the finished part.  Ducting the exhaust side is easy as there is a connection, but how do you duct the intake side given the dimensions of the intake? Am I better off only ducting the exhaust side and just having the unit pull air from the unfinished part of the basement with a vent to pull air from the finished space? Thanks!


Hello, we have some questions need to ask:

1.  What about the size of the space (completed unit) where the dehumidifier is currently placed ?
2. What about the size of the unfinished unit ?
3. How far apart are the two parts ? Consider whether it is suitable to take over.

We evaluate whether the HD55 machine can meet the dehumidification requirements based on the above information, or you can provide photos of dehumidification space for reference.

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