E4 error code on Sentiel HD-55

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The unit shuts down normally on error E4. But the code does not clear without unplugging the unit. Is this normal?

Asked on Jun 09, 2022 - 02:23:52am

When E4 appears, the power must be unplugged when it is turned off. However, The HD55 does not have a water pump, so E4 will not appear.

OK, so if I wire an overflow switch in a condensate pump to A5/A6, when the switch closes it will trigger an E4 error, the HD-55 will shutdown and must be unplugged to clear the code. Yes?

Is there any potential harm in doing this? There is no power involved just closing the circuit and triggering the code.

After the appearance of the E4 alarm, the dehumidifier will stop running. Therefore, all the keys are invalid, E4 alarm will not be restored, only unplug the power to clear. But this is only a power failure and will not have any harm.

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