Error Code E4

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I've had my unit for about 2 yrs and cannot get the E4 to go away. It works for about a day and then i have to reset it. The company sent me a new pump and worked for about a week but still shutting off. I paid a lot of money for this and fully expected to last more than a year. What can we do???


Hi kenneth,
Which model is it? If E4 appears, check if the drain pipe is clogged and no water can drain. Push the drain button by hand and observe if the water pump pumps water normally. If it cannot pump water, check to see if the internal wiring of the electrical box is loose. If not, the water pump is defective and needs to be replaced. If the pump is working properly, it may be a problem with the float. Try cleaning it, and if that doesn't work, replace the float or the entire pump unit.

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