HD55 Freezing up

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Have a New Sentinel HD55 unit (Purchased August 2022), located in Crawlspace (Maintained Temperature is 55Deg).  Unit is frozen solid.  I unplugged to thaw and check filter but I can't imagine it is the filter as the crawlspace is encapsulated and well clean.  What could be causing it to Freeze?  Low Refrigerent?  Ser # on unit is S28979

Asked on Jan 11, 2023 - 12:30:44am

Hi Scott,

The ambient temperature is only 55℉, and it's normal for the refrigeration dryer to freeze at low temperatures. The unit will automatically start the defrost program after running for a while, and the defrost lamp will also light up when the compressor stops running and resume operation. Please evaluate whether the unit can defrost normally to dehumidify the air.  

Thank you for the reply!  I turned the unit off as 3/4 of the filter was covered in ice on the outside and I could not remove it.  Would the unit allow it to get that frozen before the defrost setting kicks in?  

Hi Scott,

The freezing of the filter coil doesn't affect the machine. If the ambient temperature is constantly changing, it'll affect the duration of the defrosting process. Please observe and confirm if freezing is normal during the defrosting period.

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