HD55 Remote Controller Wiring Diagram

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I have an HD55 dehumidifier installed on the unfinished part of my basement and pushing dehumidified air back into the finished part.

I was thinking about buying the remote controller to have a more accurate humidity readings of my finished space, but I'm not a big fan of its bulky look (plus $100 seems a bit much for a remote controller).

All my existing thermostats are "smart" and hooked up to my home automation, so I was hoping to have access to the HD55's remote controller's wiring diagram? My goal was to turn my HD55 into a smart dehumidifier by hooking it up to my home automation, feeding it humidity readings from my existing thermostats and adjusting its settings remotely from the app. Appreciate any help/insights.


Hi Bruno, 

Can u tell me your Gmail address?
We can provide the documentation of the thermostat wiring method. 

It's soaresbruno followed by the usual suffix. Thank you.

OK, I sent it

Thanks for sending over these instructions. However, it seems that they are for a different model. I was inquiring about the Sentinel HD55, which only has A1-A6 and no motherboard switch.

I’m basically looking for a way to control it externally without having to purchase the remote controller so I can hook it up to my home automation system.

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