HD55 remote operator not working

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Purchased and installed the remote operator from my HD55 and the display all reads "0"s and The buttons are not working.  The CAT6 cable is connected and the display is energized, just not communicating with the unit.  Any suggestions?  Ser # of my HD55 is S28979


Hi Scott,

Please provide the remote control display image to see if 00 appears in the lower left corner of the user interface. If this is the case, you can send in the motherboard of the machine for replacement. 

Chat is not letting me attach the picture of it.  Is there a trick to do so?  Lower left corner says "RT" and then "00" DegF



Hi Scott,

You can send the motherboard of the machine for replacement. 


Is there instructions on removing the motherboard and address and RMA # for returning it for replacement?  Thank you!

You can directly purchase the motherboard through the following official website links:


For motherboard replacement, please refer to the following video:

If you still have any questions, please contact our US office
E-mail: 2support@alorair.com

The unit is brand new.  Will I be credited for the new unit when I return the riginal mother board?  Also, I have another post in here about the same unit freeing up.  Could the bad mother board be causing this to feeze up as well?  Scott

Please respond.  Thank you!

Hi Scott,

Sorry for my late reply, we just finished vacation, about the motherboard, it depends on how long did you buy it, replacement parts are provided free of charge within one year, and parts outside one year need to be purchased according to the warranty. And  bad boards will not generate any heat, so it is recommended to replace them in time.

Thanks for the reply!  How do I order it at no charge?  When i went to the site, it only provided a cost for it?  The unit is only 6 months old.  Thanks! Scott

Hi Scott,

Please contact: sales@alorair.com

Our after-sale team can provide service for u.

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