HD55 runs occasionally even tho air is dry.

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The fan in my yellow Sentinel HD55 runs for a few minutes about every hour when the humidity is below the set point. Is this normal? Can I disable this feature?

Asked on Jan 09, 2022 - 04:56:33am

When the ambient humidity is less than or equal to 3 degrees less than the preset humidity, the compressor stops working, and the fans shut down 1 minute later. As the ambient humidity increases, when the ambient humidity is greater than or equal to the set humidity plus 3 degrees, the fan and compressor restart, so the situation you mentioned is normal. To disable this function is to let the machine enter the continuous operation mode, which is not affected by the environmental humidity. Operation method: Press the up or down key to display CO mode.

You (Alorair) have described the normal operation of the unit when the humidity rises. My unit does that just fine. It also occasionally starts the fan, but not the compressor, while the humidity is much lower than the set point. This could be a feature to circulate the air that would be desirable in some circumstances. My basement has good air circulation, so I prefer that it not do that. I want it to stay dormant during the heating season unless the humidity rises because it rained hard and there is water on the floor. 

Anybody else have this experience?
Is there a way to disable this feature?

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