HD55 Unit runs continuously

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Humidity in lower level of the house registered 66. Set humidity level of machine at 51, unit brings humidity level down to 49 but no lower and continues to run. Green compressor light remains on and moisture is draining down tube. Shut unit off waited for compressor to shut off then pulled power plug. Waited a short period plugged in the power cord and restarted the unit set humidity level. The unit still operates continuously. Mfg date  05/27/2022 SN S11716 installed 12/03/2022

Asked on Dec 06, 2022 - 06:13:26am

Hi Larry,

May I ask if the ambient room is airtight? The humidity control machine will only shut down if the detected humidity is lower than the set value -3, otherwise it'll continue to run. Please specify the size of the room and the ambient temperature during operation, and check the water discharge or the air inlet and outlet temperature in CO mode for 3 hours to see if it's normal. If it's normal, it means that the machine has regulated the humidity to an appropriate level due to the temperature influence.

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