HD90 Freezing up

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I purchse my Sentinel HD90/S85619 unit on May 8 2021 on Amazon. It has been performing well but today found a chunk of ice on the side of the air inlet grille. 

Please help. Thanks!

Asked on Jan 29, 2023 - 11:21:16am

Hi Y,
Please provide a picture of the ambient temperature and icing when it's running. Low temperatures will cause icing, the machine has an automatic freezing function. Please assess if the machine has started the defrost program (the defrost light will turn red when it starts) and if the ice can be melted after it starts. If the ice cannot be melted and accumulates many times into large ice cubes, there is a high probability that the system has a problem and the refrigerant has leaked.

The dehumilifier was purchased for my basement, and the ambient temerture in thebasement  is 60+ degrees. The size of the ice is a large ice cube, after the dehumifiler turned off, it took more than 8 hours to be completed melted. 

Hi Y,

Whether the filter screen is clean or not, and whether it's clogged or not treated as a leakage.  

The filter screen and the coil are very clean.

If so, that was a leak. 

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