HD90 - no Power Indicator Light Not on. Compressor and Fan do not turn on

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My HD90 unit has recently stopped working. Symptoms are:

- The Power Indicator Light is not on

- The display and controls seem to operate normally

- The compressor and fan do not turn on, even in continous operating mode

- Continuous Mode Light comes on when put into continous mode

- Power supplied to the unit is confirmed good.

- Symptoms do not change over time

- Unit is in a "room temperature" environment, so not too hot or too cold

I'm guessing that the big clue is that the Power Indicator Light is not on, and the manual indicates that it's on state shows that: "the unit is properly powered on and ready to operate"

Any ideas on what might be wrong?



Sorry for the inconvenience. Please confirm whether the central control light of the machine is turned on. Press the central control key to turn off the light during normal operation. 



I can press the the Central Control key button to make the Central Control Light turn on. Either way, the behavior that I described remains the same.



The central controller light needs to be turned off. Please try again to turn off this light and press the power button of the machine to see if the machine will start running normally. Or if it is convenient for you, can you provide the display on the operation panel when the machine is running to facilitate our engineers to analyze the cause. Thanks!


As I indicated in my previous post, the described problem behavior is the same whether the control light is on or off (with off being the normal state). I only turned the control light on because you asked me to confirm it was on. 

I do not see a way to post a picture but have one available to send. Can you please tell me how to send you a picture?



Because I can't provide a picture, I'll attempt to describe the display:

1. Central Control Light = Off

2. Display = 65

3. Comp Light = Off

4. Power light = Off

5. Cont. / Defrost Light = On (when humidity controller set for continous) and Off (when humidity controller configured to a humdity set point)

Sorry to have caused the same to you. According to what you described, we think it should be the main board problem, the main board and operation board need to be replaced together. Please contact our after-sales department:

Tel: (888) 990 - 7469 
(Monday-Friday: 07:00AM - 4:00PM) Pacific Time (PT) 
Email: sales@alorair.com


I appreciate the feedback. I've started a warranty claim process to get this resolved.



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