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I have a IOS, I downloaded the app and created an account. The setting on the dehumidifier for the hotspot is turned "ON". It is not showing up in my WiFi to be selected for either wireless or direct connection. What am I doing wrong? I even turned off the unit and turned it back on. I looked at the PDF and it said to hold the manual purge and mode button down and it would show a WiFi icon in the top left corner. I did that and it put a "chain link" looking icon instead. I have the storm lrg extreme (green color) dehumidifier. 


That chain link icon is for a direct connection between your phone or mobile device and the dehimidifier. As counterintuitive as it sounds, you have to turn the Wi-Fi hotspot on the dehumidifier off, as per the instructions. You then page back to the main menu with the power button and then hold down the menu button and the purge button to enable a Wi-Fi connection between the dehumidifier and your Wi-Fi router. 

Jim,  I did all that and got the Wifi icon - changed the settings in my phone etc.  That's all good, but now, the APP won't let me sign in even though I have created an account and the app recognized it when I set it up.

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