How can I trigger the HD55 from an external source?

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My existing thermostat/hvac control can trigger a dehumidifier. How can I connect the HD55 so it can be tiggered externally? I am capable of doing complex wiring. Are there some terminals inside the unit I can connect to?

Asked on Nov 06, 2022 - 12:54:44am

Hi Ryan, 

The terminals A1-A6 of the dehumidifier are constructed like this. A1/A2 is the machine status output: when the dehumidifier is on, it gives a normally closed signal; when it's off, it gives a normally open signal.
A3/A4 can be used as a connection for external control of the dehumidifier (the dehumidifier must be set to the central air conditioning control mode): When A3/A4 is supplied with 24 V, the dehumidifier is switched on; when A3/A4 has no power, the dehumidifier is switched off.  Can u send your google email?  So we can send a reference file to u. 

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